Why Tanning Without Lotion Might Not Be As Attractive As You Think

Whether tanning on a beach with golden rays of the sun shining down on your skin, or crawling inside of a tanning bed in an attempt to get the same effect, people should always understand the dangers of tanning without lotion before allowing all of that heat to reach their skin. People need to learn all of the possible side effects of tanning before they start tanning, especially if they plan on doing it on a regular basis. There are health risks involved in tanning one’s skin, as well as unwanted effects on the look and texture of a person’s skin which should be taken into serious consideration. One important fact to point out, is that there are different kinds of lotions a person can use to protect their skin based on where and how they plan to proceed with their tanning process. So, if a person plans to tan lying out in the sun, there are specific tanning lotions they will need to protect their skin against the UV rays of the sun. Likewise, if a person plans to tan with the help of a tanning bed, that person should look into specific tanning lotions designed to protect skin against the any effects that can come with lying under those strong, harsh lights.  

Tanning By The Sun’s Rays

Tanning without lotion is a little bit like swimming really far out into the ocean. If a person swims out too far, they may be having a lot of fun at first, but after some time passes, they might realize that this was not a smart thing to do, because now that person’s safety might be in question. When a person tans in the sun, there are some positive things that take place. For example, humans who get a good amount of sunlight on their skin on a regular basis often have healthy, steady levels of Vitamin D being produced and distributed through their systems. Vitamin D can help a person sleep more soundly and give a person a good amount of energy. Spending time in the light of the sun outdoors can also in itself have a positive effect on a person’s mental health. There is a reason that people refer to a cheery disposition as being sunny. Unfortunately though, spending too much time in the sun without using the good habit of wearing a sunblock, like the kind provided in a tanning lotion, can also pose some serious problems for people later on.  

Tanning Inside Of A Tanning Bed

Tanning without lotion out in the sun doesn’t seem to be quite as unhealthy as doing the same while using a tanning bed seems to be. Skin cancer is on the rise in young adults right now and this phenomenon is being linked to an increase in the amount of tanning these young people are doing in tanning beds in an attempt to get a certain tone of skin that they desire to have. Many people who live in areas that don’t get a lot of sun throughout the year, or where winters have almost no sunlight beaming down from the sky, often turn to tanning beds to keep their tans consistent year round. For people who are hooked on using tanning beds to tan, it is of utmost importance that they tan with lotion on their skin, and use a kind that is proven to assist in keeping skin healthy under the intense conditions presented by a tanning bed’s lights. Below are some examples of problems that can arise from a person tanning without lotion.  

Problems That Can Arise For A Person Tanning Without Lotion

  • Tanning without lotion that contains a high level of sunblock can lead to a person developing skin cancer.
  • Not wearing lotion while sunbathing can cause a person’s skin to dry out, and may get worse over time.
  • Those who choose not to wear tanning lotion when spending a lot of time in the sun often develop very old, rugged looking skin at a young age, almost with a stiff look to it like that of leather.
  • Spending too much time in the sun without protection can cause premature age spots to occur on the skin. Age spots look like giant freckles on most people, and are actually something that most older people with to try to hide or cover up when they get them.
  • Not using a tanning lotion with a sunblock in it can cause skin to become loose rather than tight. Most people who are concerned enough with their appearance to be putting effort into tanning to try to look the way that they really want to look are not likely to want their skin to become loose and find out that this effect is irreversible. They are people who most likely want to look their absolute best at all times.

Lotion Recommended For Outdoor Tanning

  Suntan lotions recommended for people tanning in the sun should all contain an SPF, meaning sun protection factor, rating of at least 15. A rating of 15, for the average sunbather, should protect them from approximately 93% of the harmful rays produced by the sun. A 30 rating sends that percentage up to about 97%, and a 50 rating creates about a 98% blocking of UV rays. People who are fair skinned or light sensitive should consider a very high SPF rating for their lotions. Below is a recommendation for a lotion that comes in both SPF 30 and SPF 50.

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Lotion Recommended For Indoor Tanning

For indoor tanning in a tanning a bed, a person should choose a tanning lotion that is hypoallergenic and rich in vitamins to protect the skin from drying out. Below is a recommendation for a tanning lotion that features these qualities.

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  In closing, people should make sure to research all of the benefits of using a great tanning lotion that provides both moisturizing agents in it as well as protection from the sun. Tanning without lotion might not be as attractive as you think it is, but tanning with lotion, practiced in reasonable, small amounts of time, might have your skin looking tan and healthy before you know it.

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  • For some reason, I always thought that you were supposed to use sunscreen with tanning beds as well. I never knew that there was a specific type of lotion that should be used there. Do you know what the differences between tanning bed lotion and sunscreen are? I would be interested to know.

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