What Are The Benefits of Tanning Bed That People Should Know About?

There is a lot of conflicting things said about tanning beds. So, with this said, when you do read about them in general. You will have to take in both sides of the spectrum, which does include the good side and the bad side of them overall. Therefore, when you do find out more information about them, do take the information gathered into account before making a personal judgment on just how good or how bad they are for one in essence. All of the pros and cons are something that must be weighed first before you can make a final decision, if it is indeed, something that you would like to try for yourself or not. It is you and only you who can make that kind of determination for yourself. Your skin’s health and upkeep is something that is all up to you. No one else. What are the benefits of tanning bed that people should know about? The answers will be provided here. This is because knowledge is power and you can never have enough knowledge. First of all, before we talk about the health rewards, which are attributed to a tanning bed. Let’s talk about what a tanning bed is first and then go on from there. A tanning bed is a device that is called many names in different places. For instance, in America, it is called a tanning bed. In the United Kingdom, it is called simply a sunbed. However, no matter the name, its function is pretty much the same. The function of this device is to give off ultraviolet radiation or UVs as they are often called for short. The purpose of this sun tanning bed is to give one a cosmetic tan. These ultraviolet radiation beams is what is responsible for producing this tan to whoever gets inside of the tanning bed itself. What regular tanning beds do have is a bunch of fluorescent lamps that do contain very special phosphor blends. It is these phosphor blends that are responsible for giving off UV rays in a spectrum that does resemble the sun in a lot of key ways. There are home tanning beds that are designed just for home and others that are much bigger for use in tanning salons. There is also another form of tanning bed that is made, as well, in addition. These tanning beds are called high pressure tanning beds and what they do is obvious. These high pressure tanning beds do contain quartz lamps that are specialized, as well as, reflector systems and filters. High pressure tanning beds do tend to be far more expensive than regular tanning beds are. This is why they are not used as much as the regular variety is in essence. The difference between a tanning bed and a tanning booth is this. A tanning booth is a device has a much more powerful output than a regular tanning bed, and the person stands, in order to get the tanning process complete instead of being in a laying or sitting position.
By: Stan Dalone & Miran Rijavec
The World Health Organization does not recommend the use of these UV tanning beds for cosmetic purposes on humans. This is because of the many adverse side effects that can occur by using these tanning beds too much, which can result in, overexposure and help to create these serious side effects. Some of these very serious side effects are no other than skin cancers, cataracts, skin aging that is premature in description, and even suppression of the immune systems in some cases. However, this is just one of the cons, there are clearly lots of pure advantages to using these awesome tanning devices to achieve a tan that is radiant and beautiful in every way that does matter most. Now, that we have talked about what tanning beds are, and what people use them for overall. Let’s touch on the many health benefits that can be tied to them. One of the most evident of all health benefits that is associated with the use of tanning beds is the production of Vitamin D.   Vitamin D is the vitamin of choice for good health and a long life. Exposure to UVR is something that is very individual, and this is based, on each individual themselves. The type of skin that each person has at the end of the day, is the one thing, which will determine exactly what his or her skin response will be to UVR exactly. Each person is born with their very own skin phenotype and this skin phenotype is what does indeed determine what the skin’s response will be to ultra violet radiation at the end of the day. Skin phenotype is something that is based on the ratings that do come straight from the Fitzpatrick scale. The Fitzpatrick scale is what does indicate what type of skin, each person does possess, and these types are called Type I and Type II. Type I and II for all those people who do have fair skin, fair colored hair, and also light eyes. People who belong to these two groups do need to watch how much UV sun rays they do take in. This is because their type of skin has the highest risk for not just photo damage, but also skin cancer. Photo damage can come from both exposure to artificial tanning or directly from the sun.   Despite the fact that individuals in these two groups do sustain photo damage very easily. The good side to their exposure is that they do reap the benefits when it comes to Vitamin D photosynthesis, which does occur rather quickly for them, which is usually within less than 10 minutes of exposure to the sun. The downside to being members of Types I and II groups is apparent. These people do burn very easily, and this is not good, as it can lead to blistering of the skin very fast. So, one of the best of health possibilities tied into tanning beds is obvious, and it is that one can attain more levels of Vitamin D by making use of tanning beds to get a healthy tan. The skin is what produces these levels of Vitamin D, which is a very good thing, in its own way. There is research that does also indicate that going for tan bedding treatments can help out with other skin conditions in a major way. The regular use of a tanning bed can actually help eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues that people may have on the average. This is because if a tanning bed is used, very closely under medical supervision, and for limited amounts of time. It is something that can actually aid in the remission of these skin disorders for people who are plagued by them on a normal basis. You should never attempt to do a commercial kind of tanning bed with these sort of skin conditions, at least not without, the approval of a medical doctor first. What is great about using tanning bed salons is very obvious. You don’t always have to have obtain a tan that does involve the use of UV rays. If anything, these wonderful tanning salons do have lots of other options, and some of these options do include the following. You can get a spray-on type of tan, if you so wish, and they have other choices. Some of the other choices do extend to getting you a healthy bronzed look doesn’t have to involve skin damage at all. The benefits of tanning bed are something that are awesome in delivery. You just need to be very careful in just how much you do make use of it. This is because despite the many benefits that are available, and which are healthy, in their own ways. There is still the existence of the not so good side, and this not so good side, is what can actually not be good for you in the scheme of things. Therefore, whenever making use of a tanning bed, you do need to use it very carefully and for a limited time only. Another benefit of using a tanning bed is this. Tanning does produce a very special pigment that is called melanin. Melanin is the very thing that does naturally serve to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays by burning. Melanin is also called pigment, and it is pigment, which does gives both one’s skin and hair its natural color overall. Melanin is also something that gives color to the iris of the eyes too. Some may say that the benefits that do go along with tanning and tanning beds is mostly superficial in nature. They will also say that the benefits are not permanent, which they are not. However, this is not all true, as there are some good health rewards that are indeed attached to tanning beds. A few of them have already been highlighted here as evidence of that fact. Getting a tan from a tanning bed may not be deemed at all healthful, but in essence, it can be if you do it very carefully and limit your exposure time. Also, when you do get a tan, it can make you feel good about you. You will also look very good, as well, but the look isn’t half as good as the wonderful feeling you have about you. Having golden skin is very beautiful, yes, but you shouldn’t go all out to damage your skin by repeatedly using tanning beds constantly. Trying to make yourself more attractive to others isn’t as important as your health is. So, with this said, the benefits of tanning bed do far outweigh anything else. Some of the other benefits that go along with tanning beds do include tanning beds being convenient. Sitting out in the trying to get a tan is time consuming, and using a tanning bed only takes twenty minutes per session, a few times each week. Indoor tanning also allows the tanner to have far more control than tanning outside in the sun does. You can limit your expose on your own. Tanning outdoors can be far more dangerous than the salon version of it is. The reason for is very obvious, and that is because, you cannot control the strength of the UV rays that are outside. A tanning bed can control this automatically and prevent a person from being in danger of getting far too much exposure to intense UV rays. Using indoor tanning sunbeds also help a person to avoid having that red lobster kind of sunburned look, as well, in addition. Tanning in tanning beds can also make you feel better about you. What this simply translates to, is this, you will less depressed during the winter months when it is cold and there is very little sun available outside. It helps to chase away the winter blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You will be very happy during the winter months being able to get a tan, even if it is, snowing outside. A burst of UV rays in a tanning bed during the winter season can help someone to lead a much happier life. The benefits that are associated with tanning beds are numerous, but was previously stated here, if they are not used wisely by the tanner. It can prove to be something that can harm your skin, instead of making your skin look a warm and golden brown. So, with this said, do use tanning beds wisely and with real concern for yourself from a good health perspective. Benefits of tanning bed can work in your favor, but you have to be the one in control of them, in order to get only the best health rewards possible from its usage. The benefits of tanning bed can far outweigh the dangers, but you must remember to keep your sessions in check, and not to go overboard with them. One of these clear health benefits does include the production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for priming human bones to be able to take in calcium, something, which is required for strength to take place. Therefore, do get a tan from a tanning bed, but do follow the rules of safety for your own health at the end of the day.

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