Understanding the Many Benefits of Spray Tan

People like to have that deep rich color that comes with tanning. However, due to the dangers that are associated with tanning outdoors or getting a tan in a tanning bed many people have moved away from these methods of tanning and are looking for a safer alternative that produces excellent results. Spray tanning is one such method. In fact, spray tanning is often considered to be a better method than any of the other methods based on appearances alone because it provides an even tone throughout the entire body in a fraction of the time that is required to do it in any other fashion. It also does not require that an individual spend time in a tanning bed or bake themselves in the sun all day long. The benefits of spray tan are numerous, so much so that most people who eventually decide to try spray tanning make the decision to stick with that method from that point forward.  

Basics of Spray Tanning

Essentially, spray tanning is accomplished by applying a product that mixes with the body’s chemistry to create a nice, even color. The intensity of the color is determined by individual body chemistry in conjunction with the color of product that is chosen. This is typically something that takes some trial and error in the beginning because each person typically has a different response to the same product. One person may get a great tan while another needs to utilize a product that is little bit darker. It is always a good idea to start out with a lighter color and then proceed to progressively darker colors of spray tan because the last thing you want to do is choose a color that is too dark for your natural skin tone right from the start. In addition, some products have bronzer in them and some do not. This will also determine how tan the skin appears to be. Spray tanning is very easy. Essentially, the product is either applied to your body by someone else or you apply it yourself, depending on the product that you decide to use.  

Methods of Spray Tanning

There are several different ways to approach getting a spray tan. You can go to a professional salon and stand inside a booth that has nozzles which are positioned at various angles. You simply stand there and lift your arms straight up in the air and the nozzles hit you from all angles. You are typically done in a matter of minutes. In addition, professional salons sometimes use an airbrush tool to apply the product by hand. This does take a little bit longer but some people prefer it because they believe that it has better results. Depending on where you live and how much money you want to spend you may be able to hire someone from a professional salon to travel to your home and do this for you so that you do not have to travel to the salon every time you want to get a tan. Finally, you can simply do it yourself. There are all kinds of spray tan products that are available in almost any drugstore, discount or department store and all that is required is that you find a product that you like and then use it on a regular basis. Typically, spray tanning must be done at least 2 to 3 times a week in order to maintain the level of color. However, it is again important to know that individual results do vary from one person to the next and is important for you to find a product and a frequency of tanning that works well for you and provides the desired results.  

Advantages of Spray Tan

There are many advantages to spray tanning. It is probably the easiest form of tanning that there is. After all, the only thing that is required is that you either go to a salon and let them do it for you or you pick up a bottle of spray tan and jump in the shower and start spraying yourself. It is also one of the fastest methods of getting that color that you want without having to spend weeks trying to get it outdoors or inside a tanning bed. To that end, is virtually instantaneous and only takes a few hours for it to fully develop. This is a definite advantage if you have a particular engagement that you want to attend and you need to get some color before you go there. Spray tanning products dry quickly and in truth, they are far less messy than applying loads of sunscreen or tanning oil when you go to a tanning bed or you tan outside. More often than not, spray tanning provides much better control of the results by producing an even skin color throughout the entire body. This is especially true if you have it done at a salon or if you have worked with it enough yourself that you have become accustomed to applying it. The ability to get an even skin tone from head to toe is one of the biggest benefits of using these products.  

Things You Should Keep in Mind

Of course, in order for you to get the best results there are a few things that you need do first. Obviously, you want to get the best results possible and that requires a certain amount of skin preparation in order to ensure that the tanning product has an opportunity to adhere to your skin equally from head to toe. Therefore, you should shave or wax a couple of days before you plan on going to the salon or applying the product. If you are using a product that does not contain bronzer or is not dark in color you may be able to get away with shaving or waxing the same day but in order to be on the safe side it is usually a better practice to do this about 48 hours before you plan on applying the spray tan product or visiting the salon. If you happen to be using a product that is especially dark in color or contains bronzer this is an absolute must. Otherwise you are likely to wind up with dark patches everywhere that you have pores because the act of shaving or waxing opens up those pores and then the product will get stuck in there and you will end up looking like you have the measles. You should also exfoliate your skin. Most people do this the day before they decide to use the product. A nice shower with a loofah that is rough enough to get rid of any dead skin cells will do the trick. Of course, make sure that you cover your hair with a shower cap before the product is applied and do not wear deodorant or makeup. This will prevent the product from adhering to the skin and you will wind up with a nice tan neck and a pale face or you will be unable to lift your arms because your skin there is noticeably lighter than the rest of your skin. Finally, it is a good idea to apply a very thin coat of Vaseline or a similar product to certain areas of the body right before you use a spray tanning product. Applying this to places like your elbows and your knees or the palms of your hands will prevent the product from getting into the creases of those areas and creating dark lines. The same can be said for your lips. Simply apply a thin coat of lip balm before you apply the spray tan product and you should be good to go.  

Products to Try

If you choose to go to the salon and have it done professionally, that is a perfectly respectable decision. However, so it is buying products and doing it yourself. In addition, this method is usually far more cost effective. You can buy products at a store and do this yourself for less than a third of what it would typically cost to have it done professionally. There are a few products that stand out above the competition when it comes to spray tanning products that you can use at home. Neutrogena makes a great product that is called Micro Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan Spray. It comes in a convenient bottle that looks a lot like a bottle of hairspray and you simply step in your shower and apply it. Most people find that it is quite effective and that it produces a rich, even color that lasts as long as any other spray tan products. Another top product is from L’oreal. It is called Sublime Bronze Perfect Salon Airbrush Mist. This particular product has a very widespread angle so that you ensure you are getting an even application all over the entire body. It produces a nice medium colored tan that looks natural and does not require that you rub it in or do anything else besides spray it and give it a second to dry. Another interesting product is the Gradual Bronzing Spray from Rayito de Sol. As the name implies, it is a mist that you apply all over your body which gradually gives you a little color. Each application gives you a hint of color and for those who want more, all that is required is applying the product every couple of days until the desired level of tan is reached. After that has been achieved you can typically go as long as seven days before you reapply the product. You also only have to reapply once or twice each week after you have reached your desired level of color. The product is designed to let you cover every area of your body even when you are applying the product without any assistance and it is also designed not to streak or run. Any of these products will likely produce the tan that you are looking for. Again, it essentially comes down to trying a few different products until you find one that you like. Because each person’s body chemistry works differently, some products will naturally work better than others for certain individuals while other individuals would choose different products. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have two or three different products in mind that you can try and simply go down the list until you find the one that you want to stick with.  

Additional Information

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they apply a spray tanning product is that they simply do not give the product enough time to stay on the skin in order to reach the desired level of color. It typically takes several hours for the process to occur and as a result going outside and getting sweaty or taking a shower before the product has had a chance to work will essentially stop it from doing its job. Swimming will have the same result. Therefore, it is always a good idea to apply the product when you can devote at least 8 hours to simply letting it do its job and helping you get the tan that you want. If you can leave it on for a longer period of time then it is probably a good idea to do so but you need to give the product at least 8 hours to work. If you want to take a shower, go swimming or go for a run after the 8 hours have passed, that should not be a problem whatsoever and you should feel free to do exactly that.  


In closing, there are many benefits of spray tan. The benefits that are listed herein are some of the most important reasons for choosing spray tanning as a method of getting that rich even color that people desire. To recap these benefits, you can get a tan in a matter of days or even hours as opposed to weeks. This type of tanning is far safer than tanning outdoors or using a tanning bed and it is simple and convenient to do. If you choose to use spray tan products that you can apply yourself it is also one of the most economical ways of tanning. In addition, it provides you with better control over the color that you get and how evenly that color is applied from head to toe. When all things are considered it is easy to understand why so many people choose spray tanning as their method of choice.

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  • Waxing before a tan is a great idea! That way you don’t end up with an uneven tan! Plus, if you wax, you don’t have to shave. Since shaving is a form of exfoliation, it will end up aiding the tan in coming off before you want it to. Hopefully that will help to keep your tan on as long as possible.

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