The Step By Step Guide To Making Your Own DIY Tanning Lotion

The tanning lotion industry has become huge over the past decade or two. While originally most people who didn’t live in a particularly sunny area would just not have a tan at all, eventually people living these areas realized that they were getting the short end of the stick, and wanted to make a change, so that they too could have a tan. Originally they went for tanning beds, but with the potential risks of skin cancer, and other skin issues, many people were turned off the idea of tanning beds. Next was tanning lotions, these are much safer than tanning beds, and can leave you with a fantastic tan, without the risk that was involved with regular sunbed use. However for regular tanners, and tanning lotion users, the costs of these products can add up, especially if you want a great tan, so people are either spending vast amounts of money on great tanning lotion products, or going without a tan at all. Not an ideal solution for anyone, especially with budgets as they are these days. diy-tanning-lotion Fortunately there is a third solution, that will save you money, but still allow you to have a fantastic tan. You can create your own DIY tanning lotion, all from the comfort of your own home. Follow these simple steps, and you will have a fast, effective, and safe tanning lotion, at a significantly cheaper price than what you get from the store. There are also some significant benefits to creating your own DIY tanning lotion over buying one from the store.  

Benefits Of Creating Your Own DIY Tanning Lotion

  • There is no orange. One of the biggest criticisms of store bought tanning lotion, that you are often left with an unpleasant orange in your tan. This doesn’t happen with home made tanning lotion.
  • It is extremely cheap compared to buying in store. You can often save over half, if not more, from the price you would pay for a brand name tanning lotion.
  • There are none of the harsh chemicals that you often get in a tanning lotion that is bought from a shop. These can sometimes damage your skin with overuse, with a DIY tanning lotion you know exactly what is going into the lotion, so you can protect yourself from any skin damage.
  • You can get the exact color that you want, by just changing the recipe slightly.

The Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own DIY Tanning Lotion

We’re going to go through one of the many different ways of making your own tanning lotion. This method is probably the simplest method, so it is a great place to start. This method will make you a great tanning lotion that will leave you with a fantastic, dark tan in no time. Once you have mastered this particular, simple method of making a DIY tanning lotion, you can move onto more complicated recipes, but if you choose to stick with this one that’s fine too, because it will more than do the job for you.  

The recipe is based on coco powder.

  • Step 1 -This recipe only requires two easy to get ingredients. Get some unscented, white lotion, and some 100% pure cocoa. These are the only two ingredients you will require for the entire recipe.
  • Step 2 -Get half a cup of the white lotion, and place it into a bowl. Then take a third of a cup of the coco powder, and add them together.
  • Step 3 -Mix the two ingredients, that are now together in a bowl, together with a fork. Break up any clumps, and make sure that the two ingredients are properly blended together.
  • Step 4 -Here comes the slightly tricky part. You need to keep adding the coco powder to the bowl until you get the desired tone that you want on your skin. You need to remember that the lotion will appear darker in the bowl than it will on your skin. So keep adding coco powder until it looks slightly darker than you want your skin, then you will have the correct concentration of the lotion for your skin.
  • Step 5 -Now it is time to apply the lotion that you have created to you skin. Make sure you spread it evenly over all the parts of your skin that you want to tan.
  • Step 6 -All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the tan to appear. You need to apply the lotion daily and consistently, and you will soon have the tan that you always dreamed of, but for a much cheaper price, and as you can see it is really easy to do.

Tips For Making Your Own DIY Tanning Lotion

  • You should exfoliate before you apply the lotion, for the most effective tanning.
  • You can store the lotion that you have made in a Tupperware box, or even in a previous empty lotion jar.
  • Remember that the lotion will look darker in the bowl than it will on your skin.

Other DIY Tanning Lotion Recipes

Once you have mastered the simple coco powder it is time to move on to more advanced DIY tanning lotion recipes. There are a whole range that you can try, with everything from a carrot based recipe that is made using a mixture of carrots, brown sugar, and water. All the way to another simple lotion recipe that is made from coffee, or tea. All of these recipes, while they may seem a little strange, will actually give you a much better looking tan than if you were to go down to the store and buy an expensive brand name tanning lotion. The beauty of them is that they are really cheap, just look at the recipe that we have gone through above – all you need is some cheap white lotion, which is extremely inexpensive, and some cheap coco powder. That sounds much better than spending $30-$50 on a bottle of tanning lotion. Remember too, that you can make more than one bowl of tanning lotion from just one set of ingredients, making this even better value.


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    1. I am trying this…for first time today. 4-14-16. Figured…can’t hurt…very inexpensive…got some old sweats and t shirt…I’m going to leave on for 2 hrs…then shower. Just to see…if I can notice anything or not. I’ll repost…to let ppl know. Now this is my very first day and time doing it. Figured it can’t hurt trying. If nothing else…I’ll smell like chocolate for while. Old clothes..can be washed. Here we gooo…stay tuned.

  • FYI, this lotion with coco in it will make you look like a fool. All you are doing is staining your skin. You will never be able to cover your body 100% and will end up with white spots you missed. You want to get tan?? Spend the money and go to a tanning salon or the beach. Now i must say if you are over weight go ahead and try this coco blend. While you are sitting around “tanning”, grab yourself a snack by chewing on your arm or leg.

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