The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Airbrush or Sunless Tan

The spring has come and it is going to turn into the summer quicker than it seems. Most people do not care much for getting tanned, however, there are men and women who know that tanning can actually be beneficial for the skin. This also means that they have become familiar with the Airbrush or Sunless tanning. There are several reasons why tanning process should be taken seriously if the person has decided to go out and catch some sun. A specialist should be considered important to ask which would be the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Airbrush or Sunless Tan. Explaining some of these things might help people not only have a great tan before the beach tanning season has opened as well as keeping their body healthy and good looking. That is no secret that the reason behind people going to the beach and tanning themselves as well as using the alternative tanning methods use this as one of the ways how to become better looking. However, as mentioned before, health and safety should not be forgotten in the process. The process of sun bathing is explained further in the article together with alternative tanning processes and possibilities. There is a lot of ground to cover considering how many people enjoy this process as a part of their daily lives.  

How does sunbathing work?

Sunless tanning basically works as chemicals being applied to the skin. Most people use the UV radiation to make their skin look different because it has an impact on the pigmentation within the human skin. Monitored exposure to the UV radiation from the sun actually stimulates the creation of vitamin D in the skin. However, if there has been too much exposure, there are negative effects as well. These include possibilities of sunburn which is an unpleasant reddening of the skin. It is uncomfortable and can be painful, just as any other burn could be. Since every person has a different skin type, those whose skin is paler, have bigger risks being sunburned, therefore, there are extra steps that should be taken to avoid this unpleasant business. Melanin, a pigment which is found in the skin actually protects the human skin from the UV radiation as much as it is possible. Melanin is created in the human body by tiny cells called melanocytes. The whole process of creating melanin is known as melanogenesis. Even though it does not seem relevant, the natural tanning of human skin is not possible without all these components. This production of the melanin which happens when the UV damages the skin, tries to repair it and in the process the skin color darkens. The artificial tanning ways use the same technique before the world went a step further in the science field and allowed UV-free tanning, self tanning, and spray tanning to come into existence. This was a significant discovery not only because now there is a wide variety of possibilities that tradition sun tanning does not allow, but there are also health reasons eliminated not to use tanning. However, chemical usage also means precautions and steps to be taken before this Airbrush or sunless tanning can be used on human body.
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How does the Airbrush or Sunless Tan work?

The first time the sunbathing process became sunless was in the 1960s. It started out as tanning beds that used the same UV radiation which comes from the sun and they became immensely popular, until certain health hazards were discovered and artificial sunlight became tied together with skin cancer. Therefore, as already mentioned before, science had to make a step further and create a way which could give people what they wanted not causing so many skin cancer risks. Even though young people do not think about cancer, it has proven time and time again how actually scary this concept is. Because it causes long term health problems which impact the whole body not just the upper layers of skin if it has not been noticed on time. Besides, hardest stages of skin cancer are one of the deadliest and there is no cure for this complex disease. The solution was simple. An airbrush that has been used to apply different solutions to surfaces, most often in art or car painting could be adapted and used differently as well. Now it was used to apply tanning solution to the body, creating an image of a natural sun tanned skin without the usual health risks associated with traditional tanning or sun beds. Airbrush tanning allows people to be tanned whole year long not only in summer. It also allows people to avoid getting sunburned and might even help afterwards if choosing to use traditional sunbathing process. It has become more and more popular, besides, nowadays it is not only offered by big or small companies but can also be done at home. Professionals can always do it better the first time around and teach new users how to apply the solution correctly and not create additional problems.  

What to do before and after using Airbrush tanning?

Even though this method does not possess the characteristics that create skin cancer, there are still health risks as with everything people use for their body. It is still a chemical solution and even though it can be created as natural as possible, it still is messing with human skin at a biochemical level. However, there are simple things people can do to help them and not think about long and too complicated words that do not make any sense anyway. One of those things is actually researching the product they are going to use very carefully. The advice is definitely not to buy the first solution that user comes across, consulting a specialist and, perhaps even going to a dermatologist before starting to use this solution. If the product is good, the health risks are diminishing and might be eliminated at all. High quality components in the solution that is hundred percent backed up by the producing company is also one of the things to look for in these solutions. DHA is known as being the active tanning ingredient. However, there is different one for each skin type. It means that if skin is alabaster white, the solution has to be different and extra care has to be taken when choosing the percentage of DHA in the solution. If the skin is darker or does not burn easily, the levels of DHA can be higher but a specialist might be able to advice more on the percentage which is the best. People do not aim for a sickly look or the terrible orange color sometimes can be seen. People aim for healthy and good looking skin which looks as natural as possible. This is possible with these Airbrush solutions and sometimes cannot be possible with the traditional UV sun beds. There is also the thing that the skin should be clean and exfoliated. It is also in the category of pre-tanning skin care which eliminates problems later on. The process most people want to achieve is the skin turning lovely bronze or brown color and to be properly oxidized by the solution using in the airbrushing process. This needs to be taken into account because many people have forgotten about this point. It is a normal human reaction because while people are healthy, there is the thinking that nothing can happen and that everything is actually safe. It is not always the case though. Also, when spray tanning, there is the need to know how much product has to be applied to the skin to achieve the result most people so desire from this process. Most products come with instructions on how much should be used and for how long it should be kept on. There are some that require sleeping through the night with the product applied to the skin. The product being kept on the skin in this case that the user should not shower for the time which most likely is written on the instructions. Because otherwise there might be some mishaps and the result might actually end in a disaster. Last but not least is moisturizing the skin daily. It is because of the simple reasons of how skin needs moisture to be healthy. The tan will not fade as soon if the skin is moisturized with any kind of lotion. It does not matter if it has a nice smell or not. As long as it does its job and keeps the skin of the user nice and moist, allowing it to breathe but at the same time not letting it get dry. Besides, it is sometimes advised to use a self-tanner of any kind. There are tons of possibilities and there are different possibilities. But applying self-tanner might also help to keep the tan on longer and make the skin look healthy even after many showers and without re-newal of the spray tanning.  

Concluding words about Airbrush or sunless tanning

As mentioned before, most people use these solutions if they want to appear tanned and still look healthy, for example, during winter or if their skin burns easily in the sun. It is not an easy thing to do but it certainly is possible. These solutions are becoming more and more popular, however and even children are tanned using airbrush technique. There is also the possibility to slowly go from natural tanning to spray tanning and the other way around, however, spending too much time in the natural sun for the first time can also have impact on the spray tan. A specialist should also be contacted to ask which would be the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Airbrush or Sunless Tan. It is really important to remember these things and to actually take as much care of the skin because there are certain problems that people can become in contact with while not paying attention. There have been occasions when people spend too much time in the sun and burn. Sometimes it just goes away in a couple of days but other people have ruined their skin for quite some time, it starts peeling and, what is more, their airbrush tan can be ruined as well. Sometimes it just means staying at home and not going anywhere or wearing clothing which might not be comfortable. Using tons of makeup just to cover up the disaster also might be necessary. It might not be the most appealing sight but if this happens and there is no future health problems involved, the person can consider himself or herself lucky. Skin problems, as also mentioned before are sometimes hard to treat and need a long time after care. Skin cancer is also something to still keep in mind even if the only tanning used is airbrush or sunless tanning since scientific and other world still has no clue what actually makes cancer appear and how to treat it and get rid of it properly. Reading all this and thinking about it before starting the tanning process might help readers along the way. And even though it might seem embarrassing, other people should be consulted on the matter. Not only friends but a doctor or two to understand if that is what is necessary and if that is healthy for the skin type the person has. The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Airbrush Or Sunless Tan have been stated and it should be remembered that people with skin problems should always consult a specialist for an appraisal, because skin problems always cause discomfort and are harder to treat than to avoid. There should be no problems, however, if there is everything alright with the skin and the solution is applied correctly. Perhaps the first time it should be done by a specialist and not at home without any experience. A specialist will be able to recommend the possible skin care before and after as well clearly say how much time should be spent before showering and what to avoid during this time.

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