Tan And Cure Disease And Become In Tune With The Universe At The Same Time

When you are going out the beach this weekend to get your tan touched up or just laying out and browning you may see some other people sharing the beach with you. You will see them usually in the morning or at sunset, they seem to be just sitting there and staring at the sun. You are not crazy that is exactly what they are doing. Read along for a few minutes and learn why people are now not only going out in the sun to tan but are seeking much more. Learn about Sun Gazing this ancient and yet new practice that is going viral around the world. Recently while surfing the net an article caught my eye about a Ukrainian model who claims to be the spitting image of Barbie but also able to live off the sun’s light. This sounded a bit strange and after some more digging, I found out about a man named Hira Manek a man who claims he has taken no solid food since 1995. He lives off sunlight and a little water, though he says he also drinks a little buttermilk or tea while entertaining guests. Sungazing he claims can teach someone techniques that enable a person to live off only sunlight and water. He was tested recently under controlled conditions by US and Indian medical specialists who under close supervision for 120 days and detected no sign of food passing his lips. The Indian medical community has also tested him on other occasions of over 400 days. NASA has even gotten in on the act in an article claiming that super-human abilities are linked to the ancient practice that the Mayans, Tibet, Aztec, Egyptian and Indian Yogis all practiced at one time or another in the past and it is still going on today. According to pendants during the first hour of sun rise and sunset when the UV A and B are at their lowest something veteran Sun Bathers have known for years. You must be barefoot and start with only 10 seconds at first and increasing by 10 seconds every day to make it safe. This article does not recommend or condone this practice. However, there are now 100’s of web sites extolling the virtues of Sungazing . Books may be downloaded for free from places like Scribd at http://www.scribd.com/doc/48567043/Sun-Gazing. According to this book, the eyes may absorb Prana or life energy. This scientific method (the writer’s words not mine) claims that Prana is capable of curing many diseases and even a cure to mental illness is possible. The diseases Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s along with cancer could become a thing of the past if were to convert to solar as the author puts it. Sungazing is also linked to spiritual development and bringing about a perfect balance of mind and body. The benefits and claims of this book and of the many hundred websites devoted to this subject range from the perfect way to reduce weight and have a more shapely figure to World peace. I admit this sounds a bit tongue in cheek. But the numbers are there many thousands of people are now going out in morning and evening. Become in turn with the cosmos. Is that any different from those of us who devote hours during the day to tanning and develop that healthy glow from the sun’s life giving rays. Whose to say they are wrong and if NASA says there’s something to it. Maybe we should look into it a little closer and see if there is something to it. So the next time you are out on the beach and you see a barefoot person looking at the sun they may not be tanning they may be absorbing Life Energy of the Cosmos and becoming one with the universe at the same time. the time of day you see them.

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