Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Usually Shower After Using A Tanning Bed

Millions of people around the world use tanning beds regularly.

They are quick and easy way of getting a healthy, attractive looking tan without having to travel or move to somewhere hot, or spend hours lying outside in the sun every day.

While using a tanning bed is great, it can be slightly uncomfortable – it heats you up and afterwards you can feel hot and sweaty and you may think to yourself, “I’m going to have a shower now“, so that you can refresh yourself and cool yourself down.

This is actually a mistake however, and you shouldn’t shower after you have used tanning bed.

Read on to find out why.

If You Use A Bronzer It Can Wash It Off

Often times when you use a tanning booth or bed in a tanning salon they will give you a bronzer that you will apply before you get on the tanning bed.

This is also known as a tanning accelerator and it is basically designed to give your tan a little bit of extra glow after you have finished using the tanning bed and to increase the speed in which your skin will pick up a tan on regular usage of the tanning bed.

As you have only just applied the tanning bronzer(Millenium Tanning Best Choice) or tanning accelerator(Australian Gold Best Choice) after you finish on the tanning bed (because usually you are not on it for any great length of time), it will still be on your skin and not have fully soaked into your skin by the time that you finish in the tanning bed and head home.

So if you get home and hop in the shower, before it has soaked fully into your skin, you are washing it off.

Which will mean that it is not effective at all, and you have essentially wasted both the time that you spent applying it to your skin, and the money that you will have spent on it.

It Stops Your Skin From Fully Absorbing The Tan

The melanin of your skin basically means your skin pigments, and these melanin or skin pigments are what cause your skin to tan.

The tanning bed or booth emits UV radiation, which is absorbed by the melanin or skin pigments on the skin and this causes the skin to darken over time and give you a tan.

That is a fairly simplified version of how tanning works but it is the basic gist of how it works.

If you take a shower you are stopping the melanin or skin pigments from absorbing the UV radiation from the tanning bed or tanning booth.

The minute you step into that shower and turn it on you are reducing the effectiveness of your tan.

The melanin or skin pigments in your skin continue to absorb the UV radiation from the tanning booth long after you have left the tanning booth, which basically means that your skin will continue to tan for potentially hours after your tanning session.

This is why tanning booths are so effective, because it isn’t just the 10 minutes that you are in the booth that effect the level of your tan.

Since you are going to the tanning salon to get as much of a tan as you can, you don’t want to reduce the effectiveness.

So you should avoid the shower for a few hours after the tanning session, and your tan will come quicker and be much deeper.

So, Don’t Shower After You Have Tanned

As you can see, there are many great reasons that you should avoid having a shower just after you have been to the tanning salon and used the tanning bed.

While it is true that you may feel grubby and hot after spending 20 minutes lying on a tanning beds, if you wait an hour or two afterwards until you get in the shower it will be much better.

You will see better results from your tanning, faster.

You won’t wash off things that you have spent a while applying and you won’t stop your skin from absorbing the tan and you will just generally have an all around nicer tan.

If you can’t do this, and you really have to have a shower after you have visited the tanning salon then you can, it won’t stop your tan from appearing.

It is not like you will have a shower and the entire time you spent on the bed is wasted.

It just means that your tan will appear slower and perhaps not as intently.

So avoid that shower for as long as your can.

How Long Exactly Should You Wait Before You Shower

Obviously, for most people, waiting the absolute recommended time for full effectiveness of the tanning, (which is 24-48 hours) isn’t really feasible for most people, as they have things to do, places to be and work to attend, and no one wants to go 24-48 hours without showering, and no one around that person wants them to go that long without showering either.

So, in reality, if you haven’t used any kind of tanning bronzer or tanning accelerator then giving it around an hour would be a decent amount of time to ensure that the melanin on your skin can absorb as much of the UV radiation as possible to ensure a decent tan.

If you have used a tanning bronzer or tanning accelerator, then giving it around 3-4 hours would probably be about right.

You need to make sure that you give it enough time for your skin to fully absorb it, so you can get the best effects.

Will It Really Matter If You Have A Shower Thirty Minutes After Tanning

In reality, a lot of people will need to have a shower after they have tanned, so you might be wondering if you do choose to have a shower straight after your session, will it make your session pointless.

The answer fortunately, is no.

You will still absorb a lot of the radiation, and you will still a get a good tan.

It will just be a little slower than it would be if you avoided the shower.


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  • Showering does not wash off, or way your tan. Yes, what is stated is true about your bronzer (should the lotion you have) will be washed off. However, showering is part of hydration. Hydrated skin is able to obtain a deeper tan than dry skin. Now, I should also mention that the type of body wash used is part of the equation as well. So, do use a body wash designed for tan skin. Yup, they exist (My Choice Is Skinerals Liquid Body Wash). Those are my three cents. Thanks.

  • This article is absolute BS. I can’t believe you can just write what ever you want, weather it’s true or not. People please do your research because this is far from the truth!!!

  • I don’t have been tanning for about a week and a half I go every other day and all of a sudden my whole chest area on my chest area and my breasts little tiny growth is this being caused by the tanning bed and is there anything I can do to get rid of this or do I need to see a doctor

    1. Go see a doctor man unless there small water blisters did you get tan yet or did you get burnt. Did you peel yet

  • I understand not showering after tanning while using a bronzer. It makes sense that you would not want to wash it off right after putting it on. However, I have never heard that taking a shower will stop the tanning process altogether. I guess it means that I should shower immediately after being sunburned.

  • Tanning booths are dangerous, It’s no different than microwaving your body. The reason why you should not shower after a session in the tanning booth is because the Dermis layer has been cooked, and the top layer “the epidermis” is protecting it while the Dermis continues to cook. If you shower after your session, you’re exposing the second layer “the Dermis”

    Licensed Esthetician

    1. Tanning is like being in a microwave? And you claim to be in the medical profession. There’s a huge difference between microwaves and UV. And the effect on human skin is very different. Also, if showering removed the epidermis, that’d cause some major issues. Exposed dermis isn’t good. You need to re-read about human skin again or something. I’m not even in the medical profession and even I know that what you’re saying is wrong.

      For those unaware, the dermis is the layer where hair follicles and sweat glands are located.

  • The article was written in the way I’d expect to read if someone was rambling about nothing while watching TV, rubbing their tummy in circular motion, patting their head and chewing gum all at the same time.

    For quality tanning results; shower before tanning being sure to exfoliate dead skin cells. Also be sure to moisturize the skin well prior to tanning. Tanning bronzers will fade in the shower or bath especially using soap and water. The ones i’ve used have directions as to how long they suggest you wait before showering.

    I find for my own fair skin that using unrefined coconut oil (My Choice) and 20 minutes of natural sun every day for several days provides a deep lasting tan without burn or dry skin. Good luck

  • Even the licensed person above is wrong.
    So many people want to give advice about this.

    Skin doesn’t cook. It doesn’t hold UV radiation.

    Probably what’s going on is that showers remove your skin oils, making the skin beneath dehydrate (oil creates a barrier that blocks evaporation.) When it’s dry, it’s flaky and whiter. The tan is beneath that though. But the flaky white color makes everyone believe the advice they’re told, then tell others the same thing.

  • “If you take a shower you are stopping the melanin or skin pigments from absorbing the UV radiation from the tanning bed or tanning booth.”

    Just what… Your cells absorb UV radiation while they are being irradiated, not 60 seconds later when you are jumping into the shower.

  • I just came across this article after googling a question I had:
    When using an intensifier indoor tanning face lotion, should I wash my face right after or wait? It seems like if I leave it on it is making me break out.

  • Could the Author of this information give us scientific proof and the legitimate sites it was found. Because, as a medical professional, my BS meter just went off. Thank you, always willing to be proven wrong.

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