Pretty And Reckless Tanning Lotion Review

Some of the hottest, most popular tanning products currently on the market are being produced by a company called Designer Skin, and one of their strongest products available right now seems to be their Pretty And Reckless tanning lotion. Pretty And Reckless tanning lotion contains intensifying ingredients that appear to be very pleasing to the people using this product in trying to achieve their much wanted dark tans. This tanning lotion has been getting some great reviews from its users so in this article the pros and cons of using this product will be examined and readers who are interested in trying Pretty And Reckless can feel confident before they buy this product that they can understand what to expect from it.Pretty

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PROS Of Using Pretty And Reckless Tanning Lotion

  • Pretty And Reckless tanning lotion is enriched with shea butter and vitamin D which help in keeping skin moisturized. This is important to keep skin looking nice and healthy when undergoing long bouts of tanning over long periods of time. Skin can dry out from overexposure to the sun, so any good tanning lotion should contain a moisturizer, and Pretty And Reckless has this drying out of skin issued covered well.
  • Many users report that they love the scent of this product, which is important, especially when tanning might be happening while out with friends and users want to smell pretty and fresh. The fragrance of Pretty And Reckless is described as champagne and hibiscus, hibiscus being a lovely smelling kind of flower.
  • For those with tattoos on their skin, Pretty And Reckless might just be the best tanning lotion solution you have been looking for. This product was designed with people who have tattoos in mind. This product contains special antioxidants which help prevent tattoo colors and designs from fading in the hot rays coming from the sun while outside tanning. This has been a troublesome dilemma for many people who have tattoos in the past, that spending time having fun with their friends at a beach or at a park meant having to protect their tattoos from getting too much sun using long sleeves or long pants, depending on where on their bodies the tattoos were placed. Now, thanks to Pretty And Reckless, tanners can enjoy the security of knowing that they can actually go out and get a great tan without worrying about the effects of the sun on their tattoos.
  • Users of this product are reporting that this product is great for providing a very intense, deep, dark tan compared to what other tanning lotions claim to offer. Most tanning lotions seem to offer different, varying levels of darkness of tanning effects which can be expected when using each different kind of product. Pretty And Reckless has ingredients meant to accelerate and intensify the process of getting the dark, desired tan than many people wish to achieve.
  • Pretty And Reckless tanning lotion comes in a very pretty designer black and white bottle. This is actually a new popular trend found in tanning lotions. The bottles are often very decorative, making them cool for people, especially younger people looking to impress their friends, and with the bottles looking so fancy, users often proudly display these designer tanning lotions on their dressers, keeping them out on purpose to show off with their decor.

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CONS Of Using Pretty And Reckless Tanning Lotion

  • Probably one of the first things that people will notice about this tanning lotion is the cost. This product costs two to three times that of a basic tanning lotion. While not at all being the highest priced item among the Designer Skin line of tanning lotion products, it is somewhere in the middle, and is not one of the most affordable. Users should remember when committing to a new tanning lotion that they might have to buy several bottles of the product over the course of the length of time that they plan to spend tanning their skin. So when a person sees the cost of a single bottle, they might not think of it as being too terribly high of a price, but they should keep in mind that they might need to buy more bottles of this product every week or every month for a while, depending on the size of the bottles that they are purchasing.
  • Some people report that the smell of the champagne and hibiscus fragrance provided by Pretty And Reckless is far too strong to apply all over their body. This can be a real problem also for people who are sensitive to strong smells, or who might be spending time around other people who are sensitive to powerful scents. It is one this to smell nice, but it is another to thing to find oneself sneezing or having a tickled nose just from wearing a simple tanner.
  • Some people must have spent too much time in the sun while trusting the promise that this product would protect their tattoos from fading, because some have reported fading, although most have not said that this was an issue.

Overall, this Pretty And Reckless tanning lotion from the Designer Skin products line appears to be a pretty good product for people to try out.

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