Practical Tips for Those Who Love to Tan

Tanning is a habit for some and a love for others, and there are tips to make your tanning experience the best it can be. Using a few simple tips tanning can be a fun safe habit that brings that healthy glow to your skin.  

Tips for Before Tanning

Make sure to bathe before you tan and to use a good liquid soap. Soaps with fragrance in them have chemicals that dry the skin out and can be drying to the skin so make sure to use a good soap that doesn’t have all the chemicals before you tan. If you exfoliate your skin before you tan you will have much better tanning results. So be sure to use an exfoliating treatment when bathing before you go to your tanning appointment. After exfoliation be sure you moisturize your skin thoroughly after you exfoliate in the bath. Another tip people really don’t know is shaving, if you shave before you tan you will have a much better tanning experience. Use sunscreen and moisturizer If you use sunscreen and moisturizer you are adding a layer of protection for your skin. This protects from UV rays and using a moisturizer keeps your skin moist during the process.  

Tips for Tanning process

Do not allow your skin to sunburn during tanning because sunburn is skin damage and it will be permanent damage as well so avoid sunburn during tanning. Don’t go and tan everyday give your skin a break between sessions. Allow at least twenty four hours to pass between sessions.  

Using Tanning Beds versus The Good Old Sun

Studies are actually showing that with a sunscreen that tanning beds are the solution for those who love a healthy looking tan. UV rays are not as extensive and actually safer in a tanning bed versus the Sun. Tanning beds can give Vitamin D as well as the sun can and Vitamin D protects against cancers and other harmful diseases as it builds the immunity system.  

Tanning Outside Safely

Dermatologists advise that the same process as stated above should be used in both types of tanning. Tanning in beds and tanning outside in the sun. If you are outside in the sun reapply your sunscreen often especially if you are in and out of water exposure as well. Not reapplying sunscreen is one of the biggest mistakes made with sun exposure and sun burn is permanent damage. If you are going to be outside tanning remember to use sunshades and a hat to protect your eyes and skin around your eyes from sun damage. Avoiding early wrinkles and damage can effectively come from keeping these areas protected. Cataracts can also be avoided if sunglasses are used while in the sun. Use all of these tips to protect yourself as you tan because you can achieve a nice glowing tan and protect yourself as well from the harmful rays that damage the skin and eyes if you take precautions. Moisturize and repeat often to keep your skin moist and soft before and after tanning.

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