Pauly D Tanning Lotion Review

Paul DelVecchio, better known by the name Pauly D, is one of the stars of Jersey Shore. Known for his impressive abs, but also his spectacular, deep tan, which is impressive since he lives in New Jersey, a place not known for its year round sunshine. Of course in reality, Pauly D is a pretty heavy user of tanning lotion, like millions of Americans, and people worldwide, he uses high quality tanning lotion to get the tanning look that he wants. Now Pauly D has decided to release his own Pauly D tanning lotion, combining all of the favorite parts of the tanning lotions he uses, so that you can get the same tanned look that he has. It is called Pauly D Bronze Beats, and it is quickly become a popular, best selling tanning lotion. Pauly D  

Is The Pauly D Tanning Lotion (Pauly D Bronze Beats) Worth Buying?

Everyone knows that there are a lot of tanning lotions on the market, ranging from the super beginner, not very strong tanning lotions for those people just starting their tanning journey, to the super strong, burn your skin if you aren’t careful tanning lotions that will make you look you have spent several years in a sunny place. So where does Pauly D Bronze Beats fit into this, is it a great tanning lotion you should buy, or is it worth skipping over?

Fortunately, it seems that the Pauly D tanning lotion is worth considering. User reviews are extremely positive, with the vast majority being great and claiming that this is a great tanning lotion. As is probably obvious based on the fact that Pauly D has such an intense tan, this is designed to be a strong tanning lotion, designed to change your skin to an extremely dark, tanned and attractive look. It has a variety of additives, and features that are designed to make the tanning lotion even better, which we will go into further in the review. Overall Pauly D Bronze Beats seems to be an extremely decent tanning lotion, suitable for even the most discerning tanner. Extremely good marks for this tanning lotion.  

What Are The Positives Of The Pauly D Tanning Lotion?

This is a top quality tanning lotion, and as such there are various positives to investing in it:
  • It features some fantastic anti aging compounds, and compounds designed to firm up your skin, in addition to tanning it. Some of the compounds in the lotion include RevitaFit, designed to tone the skin. It also contains Matryxil, this is an anti ageing compound that is specifically designed to reduce lines on you skin as well as make wrinkles more shallow. So not only will your skin tan, it will also look younger.
  • This tanning lotion has been designed by the manufacturers to create a completely natural looking tan. They know how people don’t want a orange, fake looking tan, so they have designed a tanning lotion that doesn’t do that. Pauly D has a fairly natural looking tan, despite being a user of tanning lotion, so his tanning lotion also creates a good, natural looking tan. The technology is called MelanoBronze Technology, it is designed to enhance the natural pigmentation that is present in your skin, so that the tan you get will look natural. It is designed to work for long after exposure to UV radiation, and it works with the melanin in your skin to enhance your tan and increase the speed with which a dark tan will appear for you.
  • The tanning lotion contains a black tea extract which works as an antioxident.
  • It contains a propriety blend called FreshTek, which is designed to deodorize the skin and freshen it up, so you still smell fresh and fantastic after you have used the tanning lotion.

Are There Any Downsides?

As with any product that is so popular, there are going to be few potential issues, or negative reviews that are worth investigation, and the Pauly D tanning lotion is no exception to this rule. Here are some of the more noteworthy downsides that are present here:
  • As this is a brand that is endorsed by a major celebrity, as opposed to a more generic tanning lotion brand, there is a markup that might not be present in the non-endorsed brands. There is no doubt that this is a top quality tanning lotion, but at the same time you might get another top quality tanning lotion for a slightly cheaper price if you were to go for a brand that wasn’t endorsed by a major celebrity.
  • There are one or two complaints that the tanning lotion is not as strong, and doesn’t leave as strong a tan as you might expect. These aren’t widespread complaints, so it is difficult to know exactly how much stock to put into them, but if you need a super strong tanning lotion, because you are an experienced tanner or you just feel like you will need a strong tanner because you want a really dark tan, then you might want to go for a stronger tanning lotion.

Should You Buy Pauly D Bronze Beats?

If you want a tanning lotion that is good quality, well reviewed, popular, and endorsed by celebrity who is famous for his tan, then the Pauly D Bronze Beats certainly fits the bill, and ticks all of them boxes. For the vast majority of people who need a good quality tanning lotion, this one will easily fit the bill and do everything they need to do. It has all the great features that you need from a tanning lotion, and the anti ageing extras are extremely positive. The only people who might want to look elsewhere are those that need something a little extra from their tanning lotion. If you are an extremely experienced tanner, and you need only the most powerful, strongest lotions, then Pauly D Bronze Beats might not be the tanning lotion for you, and you might want to look at some of the ultra powerful options. But for 99% of people, this is a fantastic tanning lotion.

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