JWOWW Tanning Lotion One and Done Review

Product Overview

  • Vitamin E and Shea butter for youthful, vibrant skin
  • Blackcurrant oil and pear produces visibly smooth skin
  • DHA and melanin enhancers
  • 4 luxurious oils combine to hydrate skin
  • Subtle Asian pear fragrance


One and Done

JWOWW’s brand new One and Done Bronzer Lotion is the newest in the collection of increasingly popular JWOWW products and it is one of the most powerful tanning products that beauty company AG (Australian Gold) has ever produced and released. It is a completely unique lotion that is designed to keep your skin looking incredibly dark in just one single session. This makes it perfect for taking a quick golden base tan to the deep shade of black that is desired.  

Tanning Formula

Often people wonder, what makes your skin get darker and tan? The answer is simple, when your skin becomes exposed to UV energy that is produced by the sun, your body begins to releases a certain kind of enzymes named tyrosine, which work to stimulate the making of skin pigments. These are commonly known as melanin and this pigment is what creates a darker color on your skin. When they are rapidly produced the melanin gives a beautiful dark tan. The more melanin that your skin produces, the darker color your tan will be. JWOWW’s One and Done lotion has been formulated to work in conjunction with your skin’s natural melanin, helping the producing process. The lotion contains a blend of melanin enhancers that can help your body make more and more pigments during each tanning session, producing a wonderful dark color. On top of this, ]JWOWW’s One and Done lotion contains DHA and a black walnut complex, which were created by JWOWW herself. These natural ingredients cosmetically enhance the color of your tan for hours after the lotion is applied and slowly creates a darker and more vibrant color. Jwoww-Tanning-Lotion-2

Skin Care

JWOWW’s skin isn’t just beautifully dark when she’s partying in the club or relaxing on the beach, it also look healthy and youthful at the same time. The JWOWW One and Done Bronzer has been made to contain some of the gorgeous JWOWW’s own beauty secrets that will help your skin to remain soft and beautiful despite frequent use of the lotion. The formula is created with natural ingredients and contains blackcurrant oil, an essential addition to help keep skin smooth and firm. On top of this the blend contains four essential oils and Shea butter which help to replenish moisture that has been lost in the tissue and help create a youthful look. The addition of Vitamin E conditions the skin and also helps limit the activity of the reactive particles that are the leading cause of wrinkles.  

Yogurt Base

One of the most important differences between JWOWW’s One and Done Bronzer and most other bronzers that are available on the market today is the base of the lotion, which is made from natural yogurt. The yogurt base is rich in proteins and nutrients and are perfect for priming or preparing the skin for tanning. The all natural yogurt base also makes the bronzer rich and simple to apply to ensure the skin will absorb it properly upon application. The bronzer penetrates the skin fully and because of this it is easier for the bronzer to accelerate melanin production and create the dark tanning results that are desired.  


Most tanning lotions have that awful smell that clings to your skin and requires covering up with masses of perfume. JWOWW has ensured her products consist of a sensual fragrance with hints of Asian Pear that finishes off this product beautifully. The smooth fragrance combines pear with an exotic blend of other fragrances that include bourbon, tiger lily, vanilla and musk. All these fragrances combine to produce a smell that will leave you feeling sexy after applying this lotion.

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JWOWW certainly knows how to tan. Whatever your opinion may be of life on the ‘Jersey Shore’, it is impossible to deny that JWOWW is at the top of her game. In every single episode of the popular television show and in every public appearance made by the actress, JWOWW’s skin always looks a beautiful shade of golden bronze and has a flawless look. JWOWW has now teamed up with beauty company, Australian Gold who have listened to her expertise in what it takes to get the sexiest and most beautiful dark tan imaginable and created a line of products that are worthy of carrying her name. Similar to all Australian Gold beauty products, the JWOWW collection only contains the most natural ingredients and features advanced tanning complexes that will ensure flawless results with every single tanning session that is undertaken.  


  • White lotion meaning you don’t have to be afraid of ruining clothes
  • Beautiful scent unlike other lotions
  • Lotion feels wonderfully moisturizing, leaving skin feeling soft
  • Works brilliantly, no orange color just a lovely bronze


  • It can stain nails and hands easily if you don’t thoroughly wash hands after application
  • If you don’t apply the lotion evenly it can turn your skin different shades of bronze

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JWOWW’s One and Done Tanning Lotion is simply a must for anyone who wants to show off a dark, youthful look and smell great at the same time. The lotion doesn’t leave streaks or turn your skin a nasty orange color like so many cheap alternatives. JWOWW has certainly pushed the right buttons with this product and unveiled the secret to her youthful and dark skin then combined it with a sensual fragrance that will leave you wanting to use the lotion again and again.

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