Juicy Gossip Tanning Lotion Review

Juicy Gossip Tanning Lotion, also known as Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Juicy Gossip, is an extremely highly rated tanning lotion made by Designer Skin, a manufacturer known for their high quality, popular tanning lotions. They are especially well known for their powerful tanning lotions, designed for experienced tanners who want to get the best out of their tanning lotion, and are looking for dark, attractive, and full tans. The Juicy Gossip Tanning Lotion is no exception, it is a tanning lotion designed for those people who want a dark tan, but not only that, it is also designed for those people who want some anti aging benefits from their tanning lotion, which this one does in great amounts. This isn’t a celebrity endorsed tanning lotion, but in some ways that is better, because it means that you can get the same great tanning benefits, and high quality manufacturing, without having to pay the markup that would exist if a famous celebrity had endorsed the product. 41nU0bO3jML

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Is The Juicy Gossip Tanning Lotion A Good Choice?

Yes, this is a high quality tanning lotion. It is mostly designed for those people who are looking for a strong tanning lotion that will leave them with a deep, dark tan but that won’t damage their skin and will leave it looking younger. The manufacturer is a strong selling point for the Juicy Gossip tanning lotion. Designer Skin are one of, if not the, most highly rated brands in the tanning market. Almost all of their products are extremely popular, and receive high customer feedback. Which brings us to the customer feedback, it is excellent for this tanning lotion. With almost all of the reviews being overwhelmingly positive, with many customers saying that it is one of the best tanning lotions that they have ever used. If you were to just take this tanning lotion on customer feedback alone, and that is a pretty good metric to base your decision on, because you can’t get any more accurate than actual users of the product, then you wouldn’t be disappointed, as this has proven to be an extremely popular choice. In summery, this tanning lotion gets top marks. It is well priced, has excellent user feedback, and it is made by a trusted manufacturer with a great reputation. Basically everything that you want from a tanning lotion.  

What Are The Positives Of The Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Juicy Gossip?

We’ve stated the positive that this tanning lotion gets extremely good user reviews, but there are quite a few other positives of buying the Juicy Gossip Tanning Lotion, that add to the great value, and great product that this is:
  • It has significant anti aging properties blended into the tanning lotion. So if you use it, not only will you get the great deep, and attractive tan that you have been looking for, you will also help your skin to look younger. It contains various compounds that are designed to reduce lines and wrinkles on your face and skin. As well as containing firming agents, which are designed to help firm your skin, and make it look significantly, and noticeably younger.
  • It contains antioxidants, which are designed to control free radicals, which are a thing that accelerate the aging process, of both your skin and your cells. If you regularly take, or in this case apply, antioxidants, you will stop free radicals from accelerating your aging process and that will result in you both looking, and feeling younger. As you can see, it isn’t just tanning benefits that you get from the Juicy Gossip tanning lotion, but many other skin benefits.
  • It smells fantastic. Unlike some tanning lotions, which can leave your skin smelling less than spectacular. The Juicy Gossip lotion has peach extracts in it, with this fruit based formula, your skin will end up feeling fantastic after you use it.
  • It is a strong tanning lotion, specifically designed for people who are looking for an extra deep tan, who aren’t satisfied with less good tanning lotions. So if you feel like you are ready to take your tan to the next level of darkness, and look great, then this is the tanning lotion to consider.

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Are There Any Downsides?

There are actually very few complaints about the Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Juicy Gossip. As above, the vast majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Still as with anything there are still one or two small complaints:
  • There are a few complaints that other tanning lotions smell better. They aren’t generally saying that it smells bad, in fact there are many reviews that say that the lotion smells great. But there are some saying that it isn’t as great smelling as some other options. So if you want the absolute best selling tanning lotion on the market, then you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Should You Buy The Juicy Gossip Tanning Lotion?

It seems clear that this is a top quality tanning lotion, it mixes all of the best features that you can get in a tanning lotion into one bottle, it is a top quality tanning lotion in terms of the depth, and darkness of tan that it leaves. It has fantastic user reviews, probably the number one metric to measure how good a product is or isn’t. It contains anti aging properties, to remove lines and wrinkles, as well as firm up your skin. It contains antioxidants, to stop damaging free radicals from aging your skin prematurely, and it contains fruit extracts to make your skin smell fantastic after you have finished using it. The Juicy Tanning Lotion is a great all round package, if that is the type of product that interests you, then it is worth buying. You are unlikely to get a better all round package on the market, because unlike some other, rival tanning lotions, that do a lot of things badly, this tanning lotion does a lot of things, but it does all of them extremely well, producing one of the best all in one packages on the market.

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  • Hi,
    I just thought I would educate you on Juicy Gossip. It is not a body bronzer but instead an white lotion accelerator! Accelerators are going to intensify the color you already have instead of adding color like a bronzer, which will make you have that deep dark tan. If you are already dark or tend to develop a dark tan at a quicker rate, then it is likely that this lotion will give you a dark tan. If you don’t tend to get very dark, then it’s not going to act as a bronzer does. With me being an educated tanning consultant, I feel like this post was misleading and did not represent this lotion in an accurate manner.

  • well its not proven that mostuirizer itself helps you look less wrinkly,but moisterizer keeps your skin healthy, which will definitely make a difference when your older.. so it actually does help.you use lotion for both.. although, most tend to use it because of the actual moisterizing part.. if you are like me.. and sometimes your skin just feels a little dry or gross, put some on and it feels fantastic!i recommend jergens natrual glow daily moisterizer..you buy it for your skin tone, and it natrually brings out your tones (if you use it everyday) but if you dont want it to make you tan.. just use it whenever you feel like you need too.the reason i like it is because its nice and light so it moisturizes your skin, but doesnt make it feel greasy.HOPE THAT HELPS

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