How To Remove Spray Tan

Why Remove Spray Tan? There are different ways to remove spray tan cleanly and without any remaining traces of the fake tan showing at all.

Traces can remain due to the fact that the vast majority of spray tans are oil based, and oil residues do not always come off first time.

Any residues can streak, which is not the most appealing look to have, tanned in some parts but not others (perhaps as embarrassing as run mascara).

People may only have used spray tan for a short-term reason, or they may have intended to use it over a longer period of time but then decided to stop using it for whatever reason.

Now once people have decided that want to stop using it they have to turn their attention to removing it.

Only sometimes it will not all come off your skin all in one go, which is potentially when the problem of removing it all comes to peoples’ attention.

Why Use Spray Tan In the first Place?

Spray tan has become increasingly popular over recent years, for instance to be used by beauty pageant contestants, or for people in dance competitions, alternatively people use spray tans instead of using creams, lotions, or indeed sunbeds (the latter having similar cancer risks to staying out too long under the blazing sun).

It could also be put on for a tanned look for a night out, or going to other social occasions, were most people will also be going for the tanned look.

Spray is easier to apply than creams or lotions, yet none are particularly easier to remove once the tan is no longer needed.

Beauty pageant contestants and young dancers will most likely want to remove tans to go back to school, others so that they can go back to work.

So spray tan can be ideal for the just returned from a very sunny holiday look instead of the washed out look because it has been a particularly cold winter, or an unusually wet summer.

Lets face it getting a fake tan instantly from out of a can seems a very good idea, well at least until you have to remove it in any case without any indication that you ever had one in the first place.

Deciding When Spray Tan Needs To Stay, Or Needs To Go

They usually do not have too many problems putting the spray tan on (providing they follow the instructions properly, or do not follow the example of Ross Geller in Friends in which, he is very dark in front, and light at the back) but sometimes can find it a chore to remove it completely.

In that respect fake tan spray is like make up, in that it is quicker to apply than it is to remove it.

Just like removing make up, there are cheap ways and more expensive ways to remove unwanted spray tan.

People can buy the products purposely designed to remove fake tan (Our Choice Is Unreal Tan Eraser Gel), or they can use other things to remove it, some tan removers arguably work better than others do.

Just as there is a large selection of tan sprays to chose from (Browse The Best Spray Tans), there are also a wide range of tan removal products (Browse The Best Staff for Tan Removal) to pick from.

As Easy As Taking a Bath Or Shower

Perhaps the first option to consider for removing spray tan would be to take a bath or a shower.

Some people prefer to take a bath so that they can have a relaxing soak whilst they are washing away the fake tan from their bodies, whilst others prefer to take a shower because they lead busier lives, and do not want to spend too much of their valuable time in washing themselves.

Now if people do not wish to spend extra money (or if they spent all their cash on going out and do not have any left) on removing their spray tan, they could just use the same soap, bubble bath, cream bath, and / or shower gel that they normally use whenever washing themselves.

In theory at least all the things that people out on themselves in the bath or shower should be effective enough to clean all traces of the spray tan away.

However some body cleaning products are not as good at removing dirt, or oil based products away as others are.

Having a bath should be marginally better for removing spray tan, yet if you shower using a detachable shower head then to all intent and purposes then both would make you equally as clean as each other.

One tip for removing the residue whilst taking a bath or a shower is to add a bit of baby oil into the bathwater, or to put some on your skin with the shower gel before switching the shower on.

Perhaps the parts of your body that a bath or shower cannot remove spray tan from, regardless of what you put in the water, are your finger nails and your toes nails.

If you have any residue on any of your nails the remedy is really very simple, take it off with nail polish remover (Check Price on Amazon).

All your nails are soon nice and clean, with no streaky bits at all.

So hopefully is the rest of you by the time you are drying yourself with a towel.

Baby Oil And Spray Tan Removal

Now the previously mentioned baby oil is a really useful way of removing spray tan residue, and it is relatively inexpensive to buy, especially if compared to the specialist tan removal wipes etc that you could buy instead (The Best Baby Oil For Spray Tan Removal).

Besides adding baby oil to bathwater, or it being applied to your skin under the shower, you can use to clean your skin by putting it on cotton wool pads, sponges, or flannels, and wiping all areas of your body that still have residues on it.

People serious about looking clean and healthy should consider using baby oil more often in any case as it makes skin softer and cleaner looking.

Baby oil is sometimes added to baby wipes, which some people would consider using to wipe fake tan off themselves.

Now the ironic thing about this remedy is that you actually a fair bit of oil in order to wipe a smaller bit of oil contained within the fake tan spray itself.

Now one of the best features about baby oil is that it is very good at moisturizing, which is why it is primarily meant for babies in the first place.

Its very moistness is what makes it so useful in getting rid of fake tan.


A Little Help From Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

Sometimes baby oil needs a little help because it cannot quite get the job done to perfection, or at least to the point where nobody actually notices that there are still the smallest specks of fake tan spray upon your skin (you could always cover yourself up with long sleeves, long trousers, and perhaps a hat, a better option in a cold winter than it is in a hot summer).

On occasions though baby oil on its own is not enough to remove all the residue of spray tan, at which, point it is worth considering adding two things to it that most people believe would be better for making cakes, baking soda, and lemon juice.

Now you would only mix either with baby oil when you are applying it to you skin with a sponge etc, as neither baking soda, nor lemon juice would work after been diluted by a bath full of water, or a blast from a power shower.

All three of these items are easy to obtain, not to mention easy to use and have a high success rate in the cleaning away of spray tan residue.

Baking soda can be a little coarse to the touch, and its coarseness is what makes it take away the residue.

On the other hand lemon juice is acidic, and it is the acid that literary burns away the remnants of the spray tan.

That is why you cannot put water into the mixture because they will not work as they are meant to do so.

To Wipe, Or Not To Wipe That Is The Question

Spray tan remnants could also be removed by using cleansing wipes.

Now you could use beauty or facial wipes to remove the spray tan from your skin (We Strongly Recommend Neutrogena, Click To Check Price).

Such wipes are fairly uneconomical to buy for what you actually want to use them to do.

They can be a quick way to remove fake tan when you do not the time to take, or not located near enough to a bath or indeed to a shower to have one as soon as the tan is no longer required.

These wipes are available in different sized packets, including handy sized packs that can be put in hand bags and used after the finish of beauty pageants, dance competitions, or night outs.

Cleansing wipes can take the worst of the residue quickly yet not be able to reach all of it. (Click to Buy Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes)

They do make a start on the cleaning up process, although a bath or shower may be needed when you get home to make sure the hard to reach areas of your body are cleaned, and stay that way.

Working along the same lines as using cleansing wipes is using baby wipes.

Generally baby wipes are less expensive than cleansing ones, but depending on what you use them for can be more effective (Our Choice is Pampers, Check price on Amazon).

Baby wipes are designed to wipe babies bottoms so they are meant to clean deeper than beauty ones are supposed to whilst being very gentle on your skin.

Baby oil is frequently added to the higher quality baby wipes, mainly to make them gentler and softer on the baby’s skin yet with the unintended bonus that such wipes are better for removing spray tan from skin.

If spray tan was not used on the harder to reach parts of the body then a handy pack of baby wipes would be ideal for wiping it all away with as little fuss as possible.


Conclusions And Summary

Perhaps the best place to start removing fake tan spray is to try wiping it off if at all possible as soon as you have decided that it does need removing after all.

Using wipes at the start can remove the majority of the tan remnants before they have the chance to stay stuck to your skin for a great deal longer than you actually wanted them to do.

Beauty / cleansing wipes can be useful in cleaning your skin, yet arguably baby wipes especially those with baby oil in them can be even better at getting you completely clear of spray tan (Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes the Best).

Most of the time though wipes do not completely clean all of your body.

Baths and showers can be a really effective means to clear away all the orange bits that indicate that some of the spray tan is still left.

Baths and power showers mean that residues can be cleared from all those hard to reach places that you cannot get to with a wipe, or a sponge covered in baby oil.

Bathing or a power shower can just about do the trick, especially when using a bit of the magic ingredient, baby oil (Order on Amazon).

Baby oil is just about the star of the spray tan removing show in its own right.

Baby oil can be used on its own with a sponge or something similar, applied during a bath or shower, been in baby wipes, or mixed up with baking soda, or lemon juice.

Believe it or not fake tan spray can actually go on to your finger and toe nails, yet that is the most simple to remove, nail polish remover(The Best Nail Polish Removal) does the job in an instant.

Perhaps the key is removing the spray tan as quickly as possible before it gets too attached to your skin and will only be removed with a fair bit of effort on your part.


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  • My wife is a dancer, and she needs to have a spray tan for a performance coming up. I’m glad to see that there are several options for removal. Luckily we have lots of lemons in our fridge right now. Thanks for sharing.

  • Why so wordy? You could have made your relevant points in two paragraphs or less. I found it tedious. However, I do thank you for the recommendations. I tried them and while they did not work for me, I’m sure they would for someone else with a different skin type. I just kind of made a mess with my spray tan from the beginning.

  • my wife spray tans once a week and loves it. she wears shorts and 5″ mule shoes
    and makes her look better she says. now she wants to buy a machine for the house
    I don’t mind but she is obsessed with it

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