Helpful Tanning Tips

Many people like to have a nice golden tan. Having a tan gives you a glow that makes you look healthy rather than pasty and pale. It can also make you look slimmer.

Tips For Tanning Outside in the Sun

Many people enjoy tanning outside in the sun. Some go to the beach and feel relaxed listening to the ocean waves crashing, while others enjoy sitting out by the pool in their yard. Some people enjoy tanning outside because they do not want to pay for sessions in a tanning booth or tanning bed.

When you are trying to get the perfect tan, there are steps that you can follow to avoid getting a sunburn and to achieve the perfect tan. Exfoliate: It is very important to exfoliate your skin before you go outside to tan.

When you tan, the top layer of your skin is what tans. If the top layer of your skin is dead skin cells, the skin will eventually flake off, leaving you with a blotchy tan if you can tan at all. When you are exfoliating, it is important not to go overboard.

If you scrub too hard, your skin will be more sensitive and you could end up getting a burn rather than a tan.

1. Choose a Suntan Lotion with SPF

When you are trying to achieve the perfect tan, it is important to use a suntan lotion. The best type to use is a lotion with SPF. This may sound odd and not very productive, however, if you use a suntan lotion with SPF, your tan will last longer.

If you use a tan with an SPF of 8 or 10, you will tan gradually. A gradual tan lasts much longer than if you tan all at once. Another benefit of using a suntan lotion with SPF can prevent skin cancer. The SPF will filter some of the dangerous rays from the sun. We Strongly Recommend Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Creme Lotion SPF 10 (Check Price on Amazon).

2. Avoid Sunburns

Many people believe that laying out in the sun for hours on end will produce the best tan. This is not true. When you expose your skin to the sun for too long, it can result in a sunburn. In some cases, the sunburn will turn to a tan after a few days, however, certain parts of the tan will peel after resulting in a very uneven, awkward looking tan.

In other cases, the sunburn will eventually peel off leaving your skin without a tan and putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. When you go out to lay in the sun, stick to just an hour or two at a time.

3. Get an Even Tan

Getting an all over, even tan is very important when tanning outside. The best time to tan to get an all over tan is when the sun is the strongest, between 10am and 2pm. Because the sun is directly overhead during these times, you have the best chance of getting an all over tan.

Laying out on a reflective blanket is a great way of getting a tan all over. If you are lying on a reflective blanket, the suns rays will reflect up allowing you to get tan on your sides.

To get an even, all over tan, you should lay on your back for 20 to 30 minutes, then flip and lay on your stomach for another 20 to 30 minutes. After a few days, you can gradually increase the amount of time you lay on each side. This will prevent a sunburn.

Tips for Using a Tanning Bed or a Tanning Booth

Some people prefer using a tanning bed or tanning booth rather than laying outside in the sun. Some people do not have an hour a day to lay in the sun, therefore, they choose to go to a tanning salon where they only need to be under the lights for up to 15 minutes.

Some people do not have the attention span to lay in the sun for an hour at a time. Going to a tanning salon is a lot easier for a person who cannot sit still for an hour at a time. It is important to know that there are tanning bed risks if you use it too often.

When using a tanning bed, there are a few tips that you should follow to get a perfect tan:

1. Start Slow

When you are first starting to go to a tanning salon, it is a good idea to begin at 6 to 7 minutes. You can increase your time gradually after that. Starting off slow will prevent you from burning. Some people believe the myth that you must burn before you can tan in a tanning salon. This is not true.

A burn is your skin’s way of telling you that it has had too much. Because you cannot tan over a burn, you will need to wait a few days before going back to the tanning salon. Going in for too long will only set you back.

2. Build Your Base

When going to a tanning salon, it is important to build your base. Once you have built your base, you do not need to go as often. Your tan will also last longer if you build a base first.

To achieve a good base tan, you should go to the tanning salon every 24 to 48 hours for three days. If you go tanning and your skin is not pink 24 hours after your initial visit, you can go after 24 hours. If after 24 hours your skin is pink, itchy, or dry, you should wait 48 hours before going again.

After the three sessions either 24 or 48 hours apart, you should have the perfect base. Now you can go just a few times a week just to keep up.

3. Use an INDOOR Tanning Lotion

When going to a tanning salon, it is important to use a tanning lotion that is specifically made for indoor tanning. Indoor and outdoor tanning lotions are not the same.

An indoor tanning lotion will help your skin absorb the UV rays which will accelerate the indoor tanning process. Indoor tanning lotions have certain ingredients which outdoor tanning lotions do not. One important ingredient in a good indoor tanning lotion is Tryosine.

This ingredient helps to stimulate the production of melatonin which allows you to tan faster in a shorter period of time. 

We Strongly Recommend Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion (Check Price on Amazon).

4. Apply Tanning Lotion in Advance

If it is possible, you should apply your indoor tanning lotion 1 to 2 hours before you go tanning.

Applying the lotion in advance will give it more time to absorb into your skin, resulting in the best possible results while tanning.

5. Always Wear Safety Goggles

It is important to always wear safety goggles when you are in a tanning booth or tanning bed. Some people believe that just closing their eyes is protection enough. This is not true.

The UV lights can do damage to your eyes even when they are closed. Excessive exposure to UV lights can cause serious eye problems in the future. The best way to prevent damage is to wear the goggles provided by the tanning salon.

Some salons give the goggles away, and some will charge you. If your tanning salon charges for goggles, it is definitely worth the extra money to protect your eyes for the feature. Our Choice Is Super Sunnies Goggles.

6. Protect Sensitive Areas if Necessary

Many people go to a tanning salon to get an all over tan since a bathing suit is not necessary. If you are sensitive to the sun or UV lights, you should use a towel to cover your sensitive areas to avoid burning.

If you have to cover your sensitive areas, you cannot use a tanning booth because you are standing in a booth. It is necessary to use a tanning bed if you need to cover up.

7. Change Positions During Your Session

In order to prevent creases or pressure tan lines, it is important to change positions often during your session. One common place for crease tan lines is the crease where your buttocks and the top of your leg meet. Depending on your weight, under the breasts and certain places on the back are also common places for crease or pressure tan lines.

8. Do Not Wear Makeup, Deodorant, or Perfume When Tanning

If at all possible, avoid wearing certain products to your tanning session. Perfumes and makeup can contain ingredients which cause skin sensitivity. If they do, you can end up with a rash or a burn. If you wear deodorant during your session, you may have a problem tanning under your arms. If you notice that you are not as dark on your armpits, you should wipe off the deodorant before you begin tanning.

9. Use After Tan Lotion

It is important to moisturize with an after tan lotion at least twice a day (We Recommend Hawaiian Tropic). This will keep your skin more healthy and will give you a much longer lasting tan. If you go tanning early in the day, you should apply the after tan moisturizer after your tanning session and again before bed. If you go tanning late in the day, use the moisturizer once in the morning and again after your tanning session.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Sunless Tan

Some people do not want to expose their skin to the harmful UV rays from the sun or from a booth or bed but still want to have sun-kissed skin. When this is the case, they turn to a sunless tanning lotion. These lotions are perfectly healthy and do not lead to sunburns and they do not put you at risk for skin cancer.

1. Choose a Sunless Tanner that is Right for Your Skin

When choosing a sunless tanner, it is important to choose the one that is best suited for your skin. You should choose a tanning lotion that is just a few shades darker than your natural skin. If you try to go too dark, it will look very unnatural. Sunless tanners come in either a lotion or a spray. If you have dry skin, using a lotion is best since it will provide extra moisture (Check Our Recommendation). If you are worried that you will not be able to evenly distribute the sunless tanner, consider using a spray. The nozzle of a spray produces a more even tan. We Strongly Recommend The Flawless (Check Price on Amazon).

2. Be Sure to Have Enough Sunless Tanner

Most people require only one bottle of sunless tanner to get an all over tan, however, having an extra bottle for backup is a good idea. You do not want to run out of sunless tanner and then see a spot that you missed.

3. Exfoliate your Skin

It is extremely important to exfoliate your skin before applying a sunless tanner. If you apply to skin that has not been exfoliated, you will be applying the sunless tanner to dry, flaky or dead skin. The next time you exfoliate, your tan will look blotchy.

4. Exfoliate Correctly

It is very important to exfoliate your skin CORRECTLY before you apply a sunless tanner. Not doing it correctly or completely will result in a blotchy tan. You should begin exfoliating your skin when it is dry, using a dry brush. You should brush your skin in short strokes in every place that you plan to apply the sunless tanner. Next, you should take a lukewarm shower and use an exfoliating body cleanser (Our Choice is Keratosis). Be sure to scrub all of the areas where you plan to apply the sunless tanner.

5. Moisturize

It is very important to moisturize once you get out of the shower. Using a good oil or lotion will lock the moisture in the skin before you apply the sunless tanner.

6. Use Tanning Gloves

When you are using a sunless tanner, it is important to wear gloves during the application. Wearing gloves will prevent your hands from turning orange or brown. (Check Price on Amazon)

7. Apply Sunless Tanner in Front of a Mirror

When you are applying the sunless tanner, it is important to do so in front of the mirror. This will ensure that you have covered every area that you want to get tan.

8. Buff the Skin After Application

After you have applied the sunless tanner evenly, it is a good idea to buff the skin with a soft cloth. Buffing in circular motions all over will ensure that you have an even coat all over. This will prevent dark spots in some areas.

While tanning may sound like a simple task, it is not. Whether you are tanning indoors, outside, or using a sunless tanner, there are rules that you should follow in order to get the perfect tan.


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  • I am peeling a little on my tummy and back and the back of my right knee cap. How long can I wait till I go back to tan and what could I use to prevent my peeling

  • I would like to get a nice tan before summer starts, so it seems like using a sunless tanner will go a long way while it’s still chilly outside. Your tip to exfoliate my skin before applying sunless tanner will improve how it turns out. It seems like removing any dry and flaky skin will help improve my results, so exfoliating is probably something that I should do before I try using tanner. Thanks for the tips!

  • I thought that it’s not good to stay out in the sun when it’s strongest (11-3), but u said that to get an even tan, you should go out from 10-2. Is this right?

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