Five Tips to Maintaining a Great Tan

Tanning is not always easy since everyone has different types of skin. While some kids tan quickly, others have problems trying to get a tan. Therefore, to facilitate the process of getting a tan, there are some tips that tanners can follow.  

Tip #1 – Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the essential keys to extending the life of a tan. Since some people may lose a lot of their moisture when they are sweating, it will need to be replaced. Specifically, for those people who are trying to protect their tan, they will need to add lots of water to their daily regimen. Since the skin sheds when it becomes dry and flaky, the person will also begin to lose that lovely tan that it took days or weeks to achieve.  

Tip #2 – Scrub Up Before Going on Vacation

Some people can get a deep dark tan whenever the sun begins to stimulate the melanin in their skin. As a result, the top layer of an individual’s skin will begin to darken. Because the top layers shed every 2 weeks, the best tans occur when the person is at the start of this cycle. To assist with facilitating this process, some professionals recommend getting a body scrub prior to going on vacation. Additionally, for those who are traveling on a limited budget, these body scrubs do not have to be expensive. In fact, the person can also do these at home by using a mixture of honey and rock salt.  

Tip #3 – Maintain Soft and Silky Skin

In addition to hydrating the body on the inside to keep a lovely tan, it is also important for the outside of the body to be in good condition as well. Therefore, it is important for the individual to moisturize their bodies with products that work well. This can be accomplished by using moisturizers that contain aloe vera. Based on numerous credible resources, these moisturizers should be used at least twice on a daily basis.  

Tip # 4 – Use a Light Shimmer to Highlight the Tan

Sometimes when people return from their vacation, they may look healthy and vibrant to everyone who see them. While some people may say that people are glowing, this just might just be true. Therefore, for those who want to know how to maintain the tan and an attractive appearance, they may choose to use a subtle shimmer on their bodies until it has faded away. By using a moisturizer that brings the skin tone out, it will also enhance the looks of the tan. For the best results, it should be used sparingly as a highlighter.  

Tip #5 – Avoid Waxing and Maintaining the Tan

Since the main objective is to keep the tan as long as possible, people should avoid waxing certain parts of their body. As waxing is designed to strip the skin of the layers on top, it can also remove the tan from the body. So, it is important for the individual to consider this factor before they destroy their great tan.  

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