Cypher Tanning Lotion Review

Are you tired of spending your hard earned money and coming out with a splotchy or uneven tan that looks phony and doesn't hold up? California Tan has produced the most amazing product line that has to be tried to be believed. Cypher tanning lotion fits the bill if you're expecting a lot from your purchase. If you are tired of going to the tanning salon and leaving with less than the desired result, then Cypher is the product for you. California tan has developed this unique tanning lotion that helps you gain an even and realistic looking tan, not fake like some of the others we have all seen. This unique tanning system is much more than just a tanning lotion, it's a process that helps you to lay the foundation for the tan you want, and build to the desired skin tone.  

Priming the skin for ultimate tanning results

Cypher base tan works to help moisturize the skin, conditioning and preparing it for tanning. This unique formula contains Cell Speak Complex, a patented ingredient helps your body in the production of collagen and protects elastin which makes your skin wonderfully elastic and healthy. The Platinum 78 Complex, another patented compound addresses the seven signs of aging to help preserve your skin and promote a healthy radiant glow. Thanks to Vitatan, another patented ingredient, the tone you'll achieve is a wonderful golden glow that is far superior to the orange color that many lotions can cause. Preparing the skin for tanning is an important part of ensuring an even tan that will be longer lasting. Cypher base tan prevents the skin from becoming too dry or damaged when exposed to UV lights, especially those in salon tanning beds. The moisturizers in Cypher are light in consistency, yet effective in nourishing the skin. The bronzer included in Cypher base tan builder works well in providing a golden tone.

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Building upon a good foundation to darken your tan

Cypher tanning lotion provides several options for step two. Cypher Step 2California Tan Cypher Step 2 Tanning Maximizer Lotion CT Cypher Dark Tan Booster No Bronzer helps to plump skiin cells, making them more translucent and helps them to absorb the UV light more easily. In addition, it provides nourishing vitamins and other nutrients to help maintain healthy skin that will tan evenly and maintain a healthier appearance. This product contains lime verbena along with other vitamins, light fragrances, and compounds that are formulated to protect skin from the sun, unlock proteins that promote the formation of melanin and help you to achieve an amazing tan. The patented tan booster combines the blend of vitamins, proteins and oxygen that helps skin to perform at it's maximum efficiency. The dark quatro bronzer helps to achieve a dark glowing tan quickly and efficiently. The Dark Tan Optimizer provides a formula that uses Cell Speak Complex (TM) to stimulate dark tanning with an extreme bronze coloring while rejuvenating the skin and stimulating collegen production. This product builds a much darker and deeper color by working at a cellular level to unlock the proteins that produce melanin. Results are maximized with special ingredients that receive rave reviews from satisfied customers. Platinum Black Optimizer as step 2 helps to refine the condition of the skin by protecting the elastin in the skin which is what helps to keep it supple and flexible. The formula addresses the seven signs of aging with it's Platium 78 Complex. In addition, it helps to support the production of collagen through the Cell speak Complex (TM).  

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Cypher Face for the special needs of the facial area

Cypher Face is a bronzing lotion developed specifically for the facial area. It contains the trademarked ingredient HI-Lite to unlock the proteins that promote the development of melanin in the skin, which is the compound that releases pigments in the skin and causes your skin to tan. Additionally, In2Cell technology presents complex of compounds which are formulated to soften the effects of the aging process in the skin and promote a natural looking color specially designed for the sensitivity of the neck and face. This lotion is free of fragrance.  

A holistic approach to achieving a beautiful tan

California Tan provides one of the best rated high end tanning products in the Cypher tanning lotion line. Each product is specially formulated to prepare the skin by providing rich nutrients, vitamins and moisturizers which primes the skin and gets it ready for, and protected during exposure to UV lights. When skin is healthy and primed, it is in the optimum condition for absorbing UV rays, producing the proper and balanced amounts of melanin which causes a rich, glowing and even tan. No more reason to fear the tanning salon because of risks of damage to the skin. The Cypher tanning lotion products help provide protection during exposure.  

Customer reviews of Cypher tanning lotion

Customers have consistently ranked Cypher tanning lotion products as an effective, fast and pleasant smelling lotion that promoted a quick and even tan. The products help to set the base tan with step one and step two is designed to achieve the desired darkness and bronzing for each individual. Tan maximizing products help to maintain the tan once the desired tone is reached.

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Pros and Cons of Cypher tanning lotion

While Cypher is effective at giving you a deep and dark tan, there are some cons. It has been known to make freckles on the face even more pronounced in some individuals. While some receive great results on the rest of their body, others have reported that Cypher was not as effective on their face and neck, leaving these areas a different shade than the rest of their bodies, while other customers have had the face tan darker than the rest of their bodies.


Using the two step system of the Cypher tanning lotion series is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get the healthy, natural looking tan that nourishes your skin in the process. Who wouldn't want healthier looking skin? The customers who have ranked Cypher tanning lotion products attest to the fact that it is definitely one of the best products on the market that has helped them to reach their tanning goals quicker, and with the most satisfying results. One of the most frequently used words in consumer reviews of Cypher tanning lotion products has been "amazing." Why settle for products that may leave you dissatisfied with an uneven tan, and even expose your skin to damage when you can get the very best and lasting results with Cypher tanning lotion?

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