3 Secrets To Help Make Your Tan Last Longer

Millions of men and women around the world continue to incorporate the activity of tanning into their balanced and healthy lifestyle. For those who can’t make it outdoors to enjoy some natural sunlight, tanning beds are a great option for keeping your color throughout the cold winter months, giving you some much needed vitamin D. Tanning is a great alternative to using UV light in order to absorb vitamin D, a growing number of individuals find that they see many benefits to their energy and they are completely satisfied with their appearance, when they incorporate tanning into their life with moderation. For many tanning is somewhat of a lifestyle, with a culture that consists of a variety of lotions, goggles, along with a bevy of services and bed models and tanning methods. Many individuals may stray from tanning beds because of the fear of tanning beds, however newer scientific research is debunking that notion and instead it’s fueling the belief that developing skin cancer is the result of a myriad of elements, not just sun exposure alone. For those who continue to tan regularly, or even those just starting out, many look for how to make a tan last longer, getting more for their money. Aside from contributing to their outward appearance and boosting confidence, tanning can also offer health benefits. Millions of people around the world have vitamin D deficiency, this can be contributing to a range of illness and negative health symptoms for them. Taking supplements is one option, but many are increasingly choosing to go to the tanning bed to get their tan. You can keep your tan lasting longer by implementing a variety of simple and useful tips, also by using some simple tools.    
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Supplies For Maintaining Your Glow

If you are wondering how to keep your tan lasting longer, there are a number of supplies that you can use that can help you maintain the perfect glow. Some basic supplies to have are an exfoliating brush or cloth that you can use to wash off the dead skin, helping your tan go deeper into the skin. Using a tanning lotion when you go into tanning beds can also help your body develop a darker and longer lasting tan. One very popular brand to go to for tanning lotions is Sun Laboratories, offering a wide range of tanning maintenance lotions, even teeth whitening kits. Aloe Vera is also a great after-tan option that will keep your skin moisturized efficiently. Whether you use stand-up tanning beds, or you prefer to lay down, even if you just got your tan from going on a short vacation to a hot and tropical climate, you can help your body maintain that glow long after the sun has set. Clean and moisturized skin tans better, if you can’t purchase a lotion that is specifically designated to maintaining your tan, then any basic skin lotion will suffice. It’s best to exfoliate, shower, and put lotion on your body before you head to the tanning salon, if you are looking for optimal tanning results. Other daily moisturizers will help you to extend the length of your beautiful dark tan, you can see the optimal benefits with these if you choose to moisturize your body after every shower. The more hydrated that your skin is, the longer that your tan is going to last and maintain its illusive glow. There are also a variety of sunless lotion products that you can use which will add a little extra color to your glow during the times that you aren’t able to make it to the salon or out into the sunshine for some much needed exposure. Jergen’s natural glow is one very popular lotion that millions use on a regular daily basis to help maintain their tans.  

Step 1 Shower

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It’s important to have your shower before you go tanning, this way your skin will be more moisturized and help you achieve a deeper tan and glow. If you shower immediately following your tan, it can decrease the amount of time that it lasts, as well as the look. This is one of the first steps that you will complete along with step 1 of exfoliating your body, this will get you prepped for establishing the perfect glow, helping you to maintain that envious tan of yours.  

Step 2 Exfoliate

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Exfoliating before you go tanning is a great way to help you get a deeper and richer tan that will last longer and keep you looking and feeling great. Prep for your tan by starting to exfoliate, begin by applying body wash during your shower or bath. Use your exfoliating cloth or brush and try to scrub your entire body gently, to rid your skin of the old, dead skin cells. Focus specifically on your knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, feet, and heels. After you are finished scrubbing the entire area then rinse off and use a towel to gently pat yourself dry. If you want to get a deeper scrub, try using a body wash that has beads or sugar in it, L’Oreal has a great exfoliating lotion that comes with an exfoliating pad attached to the bottle. The Body Shop also has a variety of exfoliating tools, like the exfoliating polisher skin towel, the seaweed pore cleansing facial cleanser and a variety of other fine-scented body scrubs and tools to help maintain your skin’s softness and tanned glow.  

Step 3 Moisturize

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Try to moisturize your body after every shower. You can also help maintain your glow by keeping your skin moisturized with lotion following every tanning visit as well. If you do opt for a lotion, make sure you pay attention to whether or not your lotion has a bronzing element in it, if so this can quickly darken over time and it’s best to use with caution. A lot of people prefer to go with lotion’s that have bronzing in them, because they see results relatively quickly, after just a few minutes of getting out of the tanning bed, they can already begin to see that healthy glow.Basics Steps For Maintaining Your Tan Aside from purchasing your lotions online, you can also go to the tanning studio directly for an assortment of products. Here you will also find qualified experts who can answer any tanning questions you have, or those related to the tanning products. They work with these lotions and products every day, and hear personal reviews from clients who use them as well. They can help you navigate your way through the multiple options, in order to find something tailored to your needs and skin-type directly. If you don’t find anything at the tanning studio that satisfies you, you can look at other places like Walgreens, or other locations like Walmart, numerous other retailers offer a variety of tanning-related lotions and sprays. The problem isn’t finding a lotion, it’s finding the right lotion that will work for you. It’s no doubt that the number one key to keeping your tan lasting long is to exfoliate your skin, millions of people share the secret and they will be eager to share the benefits they have experienced when tanning, after they have started to exfoliate their skin on a regular basis. By incorporating this new maintenance into your lifestyle, this will make sure that you get a deep and rich tan, on smooth and soft skin. If you properly maintain your body and skin’s health, you can get the perfect tan every time. By taking off the dry skin layer when you exfoliate, the tan will work on the outer most layer of your skin, if this a fresh and moisturized area then it will help you reach that optimal glow. The DHA in the tanning products work well on dryer areas, so if you do not exfoliate you might see patches of tan on your skin, an uneven and unattractive glow. When we go on vacation to a tropical paradise and we achieve that beautiful, bronzed glow, we don’t have to let the sun-kissed tan fade away, we can help our bodies to maintain it. People will be asking you where you just got back from and that vacation will have been weeks past. Your body will maintain that rich glow naturally for awhile, but you can help boost that longevity. Not only should you exfoliate and lotion-up, but don’t forget to hydrate your body as well. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and it’s going to be better for your health (and tan) if you are properly hydrated. By the time you feel thirsty, it’s already past the point of your body being dehydrated, so make sure that you carry around a bottle of water with you, or that you make time to catch-up on your daily water intake so that you can operate with optimal hydration – plus, your skin will love you for it! It’s no secret that the tanning service and results work best on moist skin, don’t forget that aside from being moist it also needs to be properly hydrated skin, and if you tan with already dry and dehydrated skin you are only adding to the problem. If you excessively tan over already dry skin, disregarding proper moisture regimes, then you can worsen the dryness. Help your skin (and body) out by continuing to properly moisturize your skin, keep up with your water drinking too so that you aren’t dehydrated, this is crucial to achieve and maintain your bodies optimal health, as well as to helping you maintain that perfect tan. By implementing basic tips, you can help your tan last days (even weeks) longer  

Multiple Options For Tanning

The tanning beds and tanning studio aren’t your only option, there are unlimited high-quality tanning lotions that can also help your body reach a nice and healthy glow. If you choose to use tanning lotions then you will also save yourself hundreds of dollars that you would’ve had to spend at the tanning studio, though many prefer the experience of the tanning studio and are happy to shell out the money for the quality service in their lives. If you want something more economical though, something you can do on the go, there are multiple lotions to choose from. Jergens and Sun Laboratories are just two of the more popular companies that specialize in tanning accessories and lotions. They make a variety of lotions that can help you establish a tan, they can also be used to help you maintain your tan and keep your tan lasting longer. Some fantastic products aside from those already mentioned to use are Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Alpha Beta Glow Pad, Anti-Aging Exfoliating Self-Tanner, Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan LiquidBanana Boat Sunless Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion Deep Dark and Malibu Tan Golden Glow Bronzing Moisturizer Hemp Lotion. The last one, hemp lotion, is a gradual lotion (like the Jergens) which will develop your tan over a period of time. This way, you won’t make the mistake of using too much all at once and having it go that dark, arguably orange and unattractive color. Before you begin taking any product, look for reviews online and preview the ingredients, to make sure that you are making an informed decision about your tanning, body, and health in general. There are lots of tanning experts around that can guide you in the right direction, so that you don’t make mistakes that others have made in the past with their tanning experiences. Making your tan last longer doesn’t have to be a secret and it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are plenty of options available these days for you to help your body establish a nice, bronzed, and beautiful glow. Whether it’s with tanning beds, spray tans, or darkening lotion, you have the option of deciding what is right for you. You can use these tips to help your tan last longer, this way you get the most out of your buck and the most of your glow as well!


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