10 Things you didn’t know about How Tanning Changes The Brain

Need to get a Tan? Well it may be you’re addicted to Tanning. That and many other changes occur to your brain during Tanning. Here are 10 things you may not be aware about how tanning changes the brain…   1. Tanning turns on the parts of your brain that are the same as those of an addict.UV rays like those produced by tanning beds and the sun have been shown to stimulate the same portions of the brain that sugar and some drugs stimulate to turn on the area of the brain where you get the feeling of being rewarded. So, tanning actually can be addictive. The study went on to say that once the fix was satisfied the desire to tan went away. We will use the phrase Tanning Effect to describe this mechanism, which has far-reaching implications in other related areas of brain chemistry as will be shown later.   2. You may experience altered states of conscious. Being in a tanning bed is much like being in a tank. No, I don’t mean a military tank but a sensory deprivation tank. John C Lilly developed the isolation tank or the float tank as it’s now called in 1950s. He wanted to study the effects of isolating the brain from outside stimuli. The tank is partially filled with saltwater and supports the human body. While in the tank, people get a feeling of serenity and sometimes often feel they are leaving their bodies. Many neurological conditions have been alleviated by using float tanks. A similar effect may be felt during a tanning session. The dark glasses prevent the UV light from reaching the eyes while inside the tanning bed that provides a warm and comforting supportive surface. This is conducive to Altered States of Consciousness ASCs that often are experienced by those who practice meditation or biofeedback training. ASCs are central to the development of the higher powers of the mind and for effective concentration, problem solving, and creativity.
By: dierk schaefer
3. Your Vitamin D needs met without taking a pill. While you are in a tanning bed your body is absorbing the ultraviolet light and manufactures vitamin D which we now know is essential to a healthy lifestyle. As little as 15 minutes front and back for a total of 30 minutes seems to be a magic number. Vitamin D deficiency is rising and may be related to a host of illnesses, 17 forms of cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, strokes, and diabetes. These health risks may be reduced by going to the Tanning salon and boosting you natural vitamin D manufacturing. Cheaper than going to the doctor’s office for vitamin injections or spending up to hundreds of dollars a month on supplements from the health food store. Tanning your way to better health seems simpler, a more comfortable and an affordable way to take control of your life. Vitamin D is taking on an increasingly important role in the fight for better health. The Tanning bed can be considered a source of vitamin D that also makes you look good too.   4. Stress levels drop. Biofeedback has been shown to drop the stress chemicals in the human body dramatically when the mind resonates at the Alpha level of about 8 – 14 hz. Tai chi the Chinese slow moving martial Art has also been a proven stress fighter as well. Meditation is a third way to put the mind into a state of relation which invokes What Dr. Benson calls the Relaxation Response in his book by the same name. When the Relaxation response is triggered. The Parasympathetic nervous system takes over and the heart rate slows and the blood vessels dilate as the Fight or flight mechanism is shut down. With today’s changing economy and worries about family and job things the shut down sympathetic nervous system is a blessing. People who use Tanning Beds are also exhibiting reduced levels of Adrenaline and Cortisol in their blood. Being tanned makes a person feel good about themselves and this positive reinforcement also provides a beneficial release from stress as people with a positive self image of themselves have fewer stress related illnesses than those with a negative one. The comfortable feeling and warmth with the womb like surroundings of the tanning bed produce a feeling of well being at the subconscious level. This lowers your heart rate and your blood pressure drops and your breathing slows.   5. Your Sex live improves.Endorphins that are released due the Tanning Effect stimulates the Breed and Feed part of the parasympathetic nervous system as well. This has a positive effect on the libido which is nowadays being suppressed due to stress of the constant fear of losing job or an uncertain economy. The Fight or Flight response to constant stress also is partially responsible for the rise in impotence among American men between the ages of 40 and 65. Retirement seems farther away every year and more 65 year old men are electing to remain in the workforce as the 2008 meltdown of the economy has depleted retirement plans prematurely, which is why forms of stress relief and the invigoration of the brain caused by the Tanning Effect can add a much-needed boost to male sexual health. Woman also after tanning sessions feel more alive and full of energy and as a result, their sex drive increases as well.   6. Food tastes better! Sunlight or the UV of a Tanning bed initiates the Tanning Effect which changes the brain chemistry to stimulate those areas of the brain as mentioned above. A side effect of this is that hunger increases or the “munchies” as it is called. The additional brain activity also sharpens the senses, which intensifies the sense of taste and smell. Your appetite will intensify these things combined gives a psychological feeling that the food is tastier and you have a craving for more than you would normally eat. Even a White Castle burger tastes like a gourmet dish served at a 5 star restaurant. This of course may result normally in you perhaps becoming overweight if you Tan more than once a week. However, we will see that another discovery that affects the brain may prevent this from happening.   7. You may be able to lose weight. There was a news item about a man in India who claimed to live on sunlight . Normally this would not spark much interest here in the States. However, in a completely different venue on Internet The “Ukrainian Barbie” claimed she was reaching her goal becoming a living Barbie by living on water and Sunlight. Valeria Lukyanova a follower of Breatharianism or what is also known as Living on sunlight or Sungazing. The gentleman Hira Ratan Manek by name for 120 days under 24 hour medical supervision lived only on water and sunlight, while being monitored by Indian and US medical experts. Manek claims not to have eaten Solid food since 1995. You can see where this is leading if you are a tanning enthusiast. There is no guarantee that it will work for you. However, here are some books to give you more information: Living on Sunlight” by Hira Ratan Manek, “Sunlight the Miracle of the ages” by Dr. Mitchell Gibson and others. However one might add you must wear special eye protection while in a Tanning bed and it does open some interesting areas of speculation on the future of man and spirituality outside the realm of this article.   8. You may learn better. ASCs promote many interesting side effects and when used in conjunction with some simple accessories may make the local Tanning salon the new annex to your university. While in the Alpha state of mind your learning and memory become enhanced. Using products like Sugestopedia Method, The Pimsleur Method, or the Michel Thomas Method and a MP3 player you may master a new language much faster than by sitting in the classroom. Other Skills may be enhanced as well while in an ASC. The practice of music is intensified by using your imagination and Time Distortion, a NLP technique that lets one minute seem like an hour. By using the Tanning Effect and these techniques together you could rehearse a musical piece in your head for hours and yet in the real world only a short time has passed. Speeches and presentations are done in the same way. In fact, people can even work on their Golf swing or their Tennis backhand. Runners often rehearse an upcoming race inside their heads and see themselves running at the peak of their abilities. Baseball players visulaize the ball slowing down and it moves in what to them is slow motion which allows them to hit a ball moving at over 100 miles an hour. these are just a few of the advantages of using Time distortion. Your skill in many sports or endeavors could be enhanced by a visit to your local Tanning Salon and a few sessions with a NLP practitioner to learn Time Distortion technique and get it down pat.   9. You may become calmer and less prone to Anger. Road Rage is increasing and almost every day you hear about it in the news. After a session in a Tanning bed, you will find that you have a much calmer outlook on the world around you. Not only that but, anger has been linked to sudden heart attacks and stroke. If you are a perfectionist you often are impatient with us lesser mortals and your frustration grows sometimes to the boiling point. You are setting yourself up for a coronary event that may have you visiting the coroner or leaving you in a vegetable state. The good news is a session in a Tanning Bed relaxes you and you can laugh at the foibles both of yours and those of the people around you. In addition, you will add years to your life. A win-win in anybody’s book.   10. You become more creative.In Japan there is a breathing technique called the Nishino Breathing Method. Its founder believes a sense of total relaxation creates a state of Chuyu, which is a floating state of mind in which creativity and energy become manifested. He felt it was the source of the secret that Throughout history great thinkers and inventors have used various means to achieve this state of mind. Thomas Edison and his cat naps, Nicola Tesla with his flashes of intense vision, Albert Einstein and his daydreaming, and Nobutoshi Kihara inventor of the walkman who held his breath underwater for minutes at a time and saw visions of his inventions. Leonardo Da Vinci used music, Clowns, Singers to put the model for his famous Mona Lisa in an altered state so he could capture her enigmatic smile. He himself got inspiration while watching flowing water. The sound of moving water soothes and promotes a calm state of mind, as we all know. They all went into an ASC while being creative. The Tanning Effect may be a short cut for you as well to reaching your creative source. The UV light and the warmth of the lamps and the comfortable bed provide the perfect environment for creative thought. This is a perfect way to get new ideas or inspiration for whatever fields you are in or if you’re an artist or writer and suffering from blocks to your creativity.   You can now see how tanning can change your brain in many unique ways. The Tanning Bed is not just for tanning anymore. It can open a whole new world for the adventurous and those who wish to explore themselves and see if they can go beyond their know limitations and the walls we all build around ourselves. You can have a healthier body and protect yourself from heart disease and stroke. You may be able to learn new skills or perfect ones you already have. You might even become more creative for your work or perhaps discover a hidden talent for art that you may not have known you had.


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  • Stay out of tanning beds. Permanently. I had a massive stroke and was almost near death and learned tanning beds could have it could have been a cause of this.
    I know it makes you look better but you will not feel better. I promise


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