12 Best Sunscreens For Your Face In 2018


There have been lots of facial sunscreens introduced recently; however, users are uncertain about which sunscreen seems best for their faces. This article describes best facial sunscreens that have been proven to not only protect the skin but also to revitalize the skin as well. Sunscreen is also best known by some other outstanding words that attract customers to make a stop at the cosmetic and health shops to purchase them. This is because by the name used to refer to them, customers are convinced that it is the best product for them to use on their faces. On use, the afterwards results are exactly positive and thus it becomes routine to use on their faces always. This is well-known product is also referred by the following words: Thus, the elaborate definition of this term sunscreen is a topical substance that can be in different forms of spray, lotion or gel that is believed to take in or reflect the sun ultraviolet rays to some extent. The reflection is said to take place on the skin surface which is in direct exposure of the radiation rays from the sun. At the end of the day, once the reflection of the strong radiation rays as taken place, it helps the skin to keep away from the sunburns which affects the skin significantly leaving severe side effects.On the large scale, sunscreen is classified broadly by the medical specialists. That is: physical and chemical sunscreen categories. The classification is made possible by the type and the strength of action the product has and leaves on the skin once put in use. This is the results experienced when one uses the chemical sunscreens are stronger than those seen when physical sunscreen is used.  
  • Physical sunscreen – These are products once used, they reflect the sun rays from and away from the skin surface. The rays reflected are inclusive of both the UVA and UVB sun rays. This makes the skin to behave like a reflector of the sun rays once they come into contact with the skin.
  • Chemical sunscreen – They are product that tend and are believed to absorb or take in the ultraviolet rays once they come into contact with the skin surface. Thus the heat from the sun is retained in the body by the skin. This makes the skin to be a good absorber of the sun rays and the heat gained its used different processes which are helpful to the body.
  Physical sunscreen are believed and said to be the safest, long lasting and have the most effective because they contain minerals that are good for the body. The minerals that are contained in the physical sunscreens play a vital role in the body. This is because they help to perform different functions in the body making them to be effective. They include: calcium and some vitamins such as A and E which are also good for the body proper functioning.  


Well known medical organizations always advice and recommend people to use sunscreens on their faces all the time. This is because these sunscreens have been proven to be of significant help to many of the users. In addition, in some cases it comes up as medical specialized advice for you to use it on your skin when your skin is in pathetic condition and needs some keen attention in order to maintain it from damage. For instance the American cancer society emphasizes on the important and the long term benefits that one gets after using the sunscreens on their faces. They include:
  • It helps in avoiding squamous cell carcinomas
  • Most of the sunscreens do not prevent UV radiation which in the real case it does not result to sunburns. Instead, it raises the level of melanoma together with photo dermatitis. These are two well-known types of skin cancer that affects people in large portions. What’s more, sunscreens also reduces sun stroke, meaning individuals who have this disorder would be able to walk comfortably without minding the effects the sun might leave on their skin.
  • When the sunscreens are used wisely under specialist instructions, they decelerate or partially prevent the growth and appearance of wriggles and skin sagging like for the old people well one is still young and energetic. Skin clogging is also prevented to a very high percentage which hinders the skin from functioning well due to the blocking of the skin pores.
  • There is little evidence that the sunscreens are effective in preventing basal cell carcinoma. The disease affects the skin when it is exposed to the strong sun rays for long period of time.
  Minimizing the effects caused by the UV rays from the sun is very important for both children and those who are fair- skinned. Those who have prescriptions from skin specialized for skin reasons should try as much as possible to minimize the sun effects on their skin.  


A study done on skin protection shows that is always vital to protect and take care of your skin without considering the specific time of the year. That is if it is either during the summer of the winter season of the year. This is because even in the case of medical specialized they always recommend for people to take care of their skin properly because it plays a key role in the body of any human being. In addition, they state that once the skin fails many of the other human body organs they do not function well too. Hence the body functioning is failed generally to a big percentage.   The study explains further that once the skin is damaged by the sun rays which in particular the main cause are the UV rays severe repercussions are the end results. Some signs of damaged skins are:
  • Skin cancer
  • Dark spots
  • Wrinkles
With the outlined list of the results of failing to take care of your skin well, to avoid and try to do away with these problems that is why you need a sunscreen applied on your face once you think of going outdoors. This will help to keep the skin protected against any damage from the severe sun rays.

1. The EltaMd UV Clear Sunscreen

The EltaMd UV Clear Sunscreen offers a very good protection on the skin. It comes with an oil free formulation that is ideal for all skin types. The oil free formulation is perfect as it helps to serve a multipurpose function. In addition, the cream is only 48 grams and comes with a price of $29. The good news about the cream is in part due to the fact that it can easily be worn under make up or alone depending on one’s lifestyle. The EltaMd UV Clear Sunscreen revitalizes the skin and it’s perfect for skins that are prone to acne. It is also best known for its outstanding feature of being light because of the weight it contains thus making it easy to carry around even as you perform your day today activities. This makes the effectiveness of the cream to be realized once used in a sequential manner because it should be applied on the skin after every one to two hours. Furthermore, it can be used as face normal lotion or may be recommended by a medical doctor when need arises. The end results of the cream once used in either way is always admirable. When you encounter a second party who has not realized the important and the role the cream plays on your face and you give your testimony, they will not hesitate to run to the health care shops or the cosmetic shop to purchase one.

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Another significant fact about this cream is the kind of soothing it does to the skin. There are positive reviews all over the internet from savvy customers who have shown confidence in this product in particular. This soothing of the skin comes in the form that even when the sun rays are strong and the ultraviolet rays are on the skin, the skin behavior does not weaver at any cost. In result, the skin is conditioned to remain calm no matter the weather condition or the season of the year which may be winter or summer. On the other hand, the skin that uses this cream stands better grounds to the changes that occur on the weather system especially the hot conditions brought about by the strong sun rays.    

2. The Coppertone oil free sunscreen

It is a sunscreen lotion product that possesses outstanding features. With a detailed study that has been done on this particular lotion, it is said to have a sun protection factor of up to 30. This comes as testimonials from the customers who have used the product so far over a long time. In terms of price it is known for being very cheap. This is because its price tag is said to be $9.99. With the low price tag on the lotion, it makes it easier for many customers to go for it. This is because both the low class, average and high class can be at a point to purchase it without straining their pockets and budget. In addition, Coppertone oil free lotion has may advantages which include:
  • It is manufactured with special elements in it which hinder effects of premature skin aging. The premature aging of the skin is mainly caused by the damaging of the skin layers which comes up as a result of the UV rays from the sun. The UV rays are believed to affect the skin slowly by interfering with the skin layers thus the skin function hindered to some extent.
  • This particular cream it’s said to be skin friendly because it is hypoallergenic and free from fragrance and oil. In general, it does not have any side effect once used on the skin even over and over again. It also plays a key role in protecting the skin from the UVA and UVB Rays which are said to interfere with the proper skin function. Thus making and restricting the skin against proper performance of its role in the body and as result it ends up failing the body generally.
  • The Coppertone oil free cream is of great use in the skin protection purpose. This is said to take place in the incident where it works as skin protector because it has the waterproof element within it. Thus it does not allow water to come into contact with the skin when it is applied.
  • Considering the elements that are used to make this cream, it offers an utmost care of your skins. The element that makes it to outstand in this particular function is referred to as avobenzone. The protection given by this special element in the Coppertone oil free cream enables the skin pores to remain open without clogging and perform their function effectively without any failure.

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3. The vanicream sunscreen sport

The vanicream sunscreen sport has sun protection strength of up to of 35 and this make it to outstand in the market. In terms of weight, it is said to have a fixed weight of 4 ounces thus making it easy to carry around for use throughout the day as one carries out their day to day activities. The weight this particular product possesses is very vital because it makes it to be light to carry. In addition, it is pocket friendly because it comes with a price of $14.79. This makes it easier for the people in all classes in terms of living standards to stand better grounds as they take care of their skin without straining their pockets. An ideal feature about this cream is its Vitamin E content that is essential for the skin. It is said and believed to protect the skin against Ultra Violet rays and UVB rays which leave severe damage on the skin once they come into contact with it. The vitamin found in this cream help to neutralize free radicals that are produced instantly once the skin is exposed to the sun. This cream also offers an additional protection throughout the VBA continuum and provides more protection than the ordinary UVB. This makes it to be a unique cream product which every consumer would long to use all the time on their skin.

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In addition, it can be used by all ages but for children, the child must be at least six months of age and above. When medical doctors and specialized are consulted about the same, they recommend the cream more especially to those affected by the sun stroke and other skin damages. Not to mention, the cream also contains zinc oxide which is an ingredient that provides additional protection than the ordinary UV to the skin. The ultraviolet are known to be harmful to the skin thus leading to skin aging well one is still young. Thus, the use of this cream on your face makes the skin retain a fine and smooth texture this making the skin to remain gentle and revitalizing.

4. The Obagi medical sun shield

It is a sun screen cream that is medically recognized by medical specialized and once approached, they recommend it for use especially for the faces. It broadly used as a medical sun shield that has a high level of spectrum protection. The spectrum protection ability in the cream is brought about by the elements that are mixed together to come up with this product. The Obagi medical sun shield has a sun protection factor of up to 50 which is a good figure for the entire skin and more so the face in particular because it is directly exposed to the strong sun rays. In terms of price, it comes with a cost of $ 46 which is high for most of the people to afford but once a person uses it they do not mind the cost. This is because the byproduct after using it speaks it all such that the user does not mind the price label on the cream packet any more. To add on this, it has a sheer matte end result when you use it continuously until the tube is ready for disposal.

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The good news that comes as testimonials after the use of the cream is that it does not leave any side effects on your skin. Some of the side effects best known and recognized as a result of using a few of this sun screens includes: whitening of the skin. Its characteristic of being versatile makes it good for various skin types. The product does not have any fragrance in the elements that are used to manufacture it. In terms of protection it has been tested and proven to have quality, high and efficient skin protection against both the UVA AND UVB Rays from the sun.

5. The la Roche-posay Anthelios sun screen fluid

This lotion sunscreen cream is more than just the normal classical facial creams because of the effect it leaves on the skin once put in use. Anthelis is an outstanding mineral which is used to manufacture La Roche Posay. The Anthelis is a mineral that is not heavy thus easy to carry around thus making it effective for facial use throughout the day. In terms of protection, the lotion is said to have 50 factor level that enables it to perform its function well on the skin surface. One outstanding characteristic of the sunscreen fluid is that it is tinted slightly and this enhances its use as a foundation with very slight mild coverage. The general tint believed to be in the end result once the cream has been used, provides a gentle instant and glow on one’s health. Making a stop to look at the price label on the lotion, the price speaks it all. It comes with a fixed price of up to $ 33.50 which is a fair price for a product which gives satisfaction to the skin.

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In addition, the lotion possesses a wide spectrum UVA and UVB skin protection in general. The ultra-light texture is said and believed to protect the skin of your face without making any additions in terms of pressure on the face skin. It is also water friendly thus offers the skin a good protection. This is because it forms a water proof layer thus giving the characteristic of being water resistance and having no parabens and fragrance no matter in what case it is used in. The advantage of being suitable for all skin types makes it to be a unique lotion this is because it can even be used on sensitive skins.  

6. The Neutrogena Age Shield

The Neutrogena Age shield is a sunscreen known by many customers for use on their face to protect their skin against sun stroke. This lotion is said to have very strong spectrum which comes in powerful strength enabled by the elements that are used to make the content of the cream. Thus, it is able to offer a stable and long term protection to the face and the entire skin. With a cost of $12.99, it makes it to be pocket friendly for the different class categories of people that the first, middle and the lower class. This is so because it is easily affordable and makes people to stop at a cosmetic and medical shop and ask for one tube of this cream. What’s more is that since it comes with a small packaging tube, one can carry it around and apply frequently because that is the way the specialist recommend for its use. In terms of resistance, it offers a length of up to 80 while one is in contact with water once he has used the lotion on the face. The sun screen cream also outstands in the case where it comes with and provides the face with a good shield. It is enabled by the intense protection that it provides to the entire skin against the UVA and UVB rays. Since the skin is made up of many layers, the cream is said to protect the skin up to the 6 layer of the skin from the surface level.

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Through a medical research and study done on this sun screen, it is proved by both medical specialized and the dermatologist suitable for skin use. This is because on use it does not leave any side effects on the skin. Instead, it leaves the skin having smooth texture which makes it to be smart and admirable. In addition, the skin texture is said to improve significantly on using this cream persistently on the skin. In terms of the elements that are used to make this product, they are of high quality. This is because the cream does not have grease or oil that may leave and make the face oily once it is used on the skin.  

7. The Burnout Kids Physical Sunscreen

The sun screen cream is specifically designed for use by children because their skin is highly sensitive and the elements that are contained in the cream do not react with it at all. This sensitivity is brought about by the fact that the children’s skin is still growing and some of the skin layers are not yet still formed and developed fully. In terms of weight, it comes with a fixed weight of exactly 3.4 ounces hence making it to be light. Thus even when a child is instructed on how to use when they are five years of age, they can apply it without the help of their parents or guardians. More especially when they are away for school during day time. The cream comes with a price of 17.99 which makes it to be cheap and affordable by many parents for their children to use. The elements used to make the cream are selected carefully because it is a special cream used to take care of the sensitive skin of babies and children. Another added advantage about the cream is that it is water proof resistance. Thus once applied on the face; it prevents water to reach the inner layers of the skin and the skin surface in general.

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Burnout kids’ physical sunscreen lacks greasy content within it and this makes it good for use on the babies and children face and it does not have fragrance completely. More to this, it is said to be hypoallergenic and good or highly recommended by specialist for sensitive skin. Through a careful study performed by both dermatologists and pediatricians it is medically approved for use on babies and children.

8. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 45 Ultra Light Sunscreen

The face sun screen makes one to feel amazing on the skin once it is used in a consistence manner. This is because of the elements that are used in manufacturing the product. It is fast and most effective in absorbing water thus offering a water proof protection on skin. The water resistance formula that it possesses makes it to be excellent for the normal skin appearance. Once applied on the skin, it is said to be absorbed on the skin quickly and it is recommended for both sensitive and normal skin. If your skin is the shiny type, you should not worry about it at all. This is because it leaves a velvety matte finish on the skin once used over and over again. SPF which is contained in the sunscreen in large percentage makes it to outstand among many other sunscreens in the market. The SPF element is found in only few sunscreens thus making this one in particular to outstand among many others. When its weight is looked at, it is said to come with a small tube which makes to be light with 1.7 ounces of liquid content. Thus making it easy to carry around throughout the day because it needs to be applied frequently on the skin after ones skin has been exposed to the sun rays for some few hours. The approximate interval of hours proposed by the skin specialist for applying the cream it is between one to two hours. With a price label of $ 29.95, and the results that it is said to leave on the skin once used, it makes affordable by many people.

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The sun screen fluid is known to be very effective on the skin since it offers a good protection on the skin against the UVB and UVA rays from the sun. It comes with a good skin protection of more than 60 levels this makes it to be the best sunscreen in the market. It is said to give a good protection on the skin up to the fourth layer hence enabling the skin to perform its functions well without any failure. The fluid is also said to leave good results on the skin because it gives a smooth and tender texture on the skin after a continuous use. Thus the development of wriggles and skin sagging and clogging becomes a past test. This makes the skin of the face even for the old people to look like that of an inborn. The sunscreen offers a long term protection on the skin and it is free from fragrance.

9. The EltaMD UV Physical Cream

The cream is said to contain 85 grams content among the element that are used to make this sunscreen. It is specifically made to protect the skin against the sun rays. That is: it is said to protect your skin against sun stroke, development of wrinkles, sagging and clogging of the skin. The sun protection it offers it’s up to 41 levels which are good for the skin. It comes with a price of $27 which at the fast glance it may seem high but on the taste of the quality of this product one forgets the price. This is because of the positive effect it leaves on the skin. It is good and best known to protect the skin against both UVA and UVB sun rays which affect the skin highly leaving severe side effects on the skin. Zinc oxide is one of the elements used to make the EltaMD UV physical cream. The element plays a key role in the protection of the skin against the direct sun rays. It also makes this cream to outstand in the purpose it serves and once the element is mentioned to customers who are not even interested they are always tempted to make a stop and get one for themselves. The hidden formula in the cream is good because it makes the skin texture brighten and smoothen as a result of it being tinted slightly.

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The cream is transparent hence able to locate it on the shelf while looking for it in a shop without any assistance. Thus this becomes an outstanding feature that makes this cream to outstand. It also has the characteristic of being water proof resistance hence enabling the water not to come into contact with the skin surface directly. With this, the cream is able to serve the skin best because it remains on the skin for a long time and its function being still very effective. Another advantage that makes to be unique is that it is suitable for all skin types. That is, for both the normal and the sensitive skin because it does not leave any side effects on the skin at all.

10. The BurnOut Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen

As the name suggest, the sunscreen is made available to us by BurnOut Company. Looking at the total weight which a single tube of this fluid contains, it is approximately 3 ounces. Its weight is suitable making it easy to carry around as you perform your day to day activities because it makes light. The fluid is cheap and easily affordable as its price suggests. This is because it comes with a price of $19.99 thus it can be used by all class of people. Apart from being a famous face cream, it is also noted for its best result for the entire body. Customers who have used it previously on their face and the rest of the body give testimonials about the positive results received. In addition, both the medical specialist and the dermatologist recommend the cream highly for the entire body.

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Once used on the skin, it does not leave any side effects as many of the creams do. The fact that it is not greasy, it is good for use because it does not leave the face oily thus making it difficult to clean up. BurnOut cream is also good for all skin types because it does not affect the skin at all. To conclude with, the cream comes with a wide spectrum care against the two types of rays which are UVA and UVB sun rays which are said to affect the skin highly.


With a close study of the top ten most best sunscreen for use on ones face, everyone who lays his or her hands on this article will stand on server grounds from today on wards. This is because each and every sunscreen mentioned above is explained in depth on how it soot the skin and especially the face best. The reasons why it is important to use these sunscreens are also listed down in a systematic manner. This message comes with authority from high authorities in the medical sectors. Sunscreens with high SPF are the ones people are advised to wear always. The creams should be used throughout the year that is during both the summer and the winter seasons. It is recommended so because the sun rays which are UVA and UVB can cause damage on the skin during any season of the year since they are never timely. When these top ten best sunscreens are used on the face, they never leave any effects on the skin. These effects include:
  • Leaving your skin oily
  • Making and leaving your skin pasty
  • Broken out or sun damaged skin
  • Sun stroke
Safe sun can be the talk of the day always as we carry out our day to activities when one can make a stop and pay a close attention to this article. This can be enhanced even more when you read through the article in between the lines. Slew facial skin care products have SPF which many people have tried them out and the end result has been positive. The most advantage among them all is that they can be worn on any skin type even the oily ones. In addition to this, it can be worn or applied seamlessly over or under make up.

Safe sun tips for healthy skin

  • When using the sunscreen on the skin, it should be applied a small amount of this. The quantity should be a shot glass full so that it can cover the face completely. Specialists advise the users to apply around 15 SPF on the face daily. In the case of long hours of exposure to the sun rays on daily bases, SPF that are resistant to water is the recommended ones with SPF of formula 30. While at doors, the cream should be applied on the skin within an interval of one to two hours as advised by dermatologist or medical specialist.
  • Cream products that are made up with zinc and avobenzone content are the most recommended for use. This is because they hinder UVA rays This helps the UV damage not to be accumulated on the skin surface completely.
  • When you are forced to spend a lot of time in the sun especially during the peak hours of the day, you are advised to put on a large brimmed hat after applying the sunscreen. It helps protect both the face and hair against the sun ray because the cream does not remain on face for long when exposed to strong sun rays.

Use of lotions or creams containing alpha-hydroxyl ACIDS (AHAS) leaves good result on the face. The element is said to contain vitamin A products that are obtained from milk, fruits and sugarcane. They help the skin by working together to clear and eliminate the dead cells on the skin surface. It also encourages growth of collagen which helps to eliminate the skin which comes with wrinkles. They also help in counteracting the free radicals which contain the rogue oxygen molecules in the body that can result to skin damaging. NOTE: AHAs is said to cause irritation on the skin sometimes hence before settling on it, you should try a little amount on the back of the ear. When the area you have applied does not turn red the following day, then the moisturizer is safe and good for your skin.


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  • During the summer, I am all about getting a tan. However, I worry about my face getting too much sun, so I try my best to keep sun screen on. I haven’t tried any of these brands, but the all look really nice. Next time I am at the store, I’ll be sure to pick something up, and give it a try.

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